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COVID-19 Test Tracker | Health Department

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methodological notes

  • Test result data comes from the Clinical Laboratory Electronic Reporting System (ECLRS), the NYSDOH database that contains reported results from all lab test samples from New York State residents. As of September 20, 2020, this data also includes batch/batch tests reported by higher education institutions. Self-administered home tests reported for counties are not included in this data.
    • However, from December 30, 2021 through March 30, 2022, 24% of positive results from Onondaga County (central New York area) were from self-administered home tests.
  • The positive results on this page represent the first time a person has shown a positive result in New York State. Thus, the information here represents the number of unique people who have tested positive for the virus. Re-infection, or a new positive result, rarely occurs 90 days after the first positive result. In late 2021, the frequency of reinfection increased. Please see our Reinfections Dashboard For more information and data on this topic.
  • As of 4/4/22, HHS no longer requires entities conducting COVID testing to report negative or undetermined antigen test results. This may affect the number and interpretation of overall test results reported to the country as well as the calculation of the percentage of test positivity. For this reason, as of 4/5/22, the percentage positivity of the test is calculated using only PCR tests. Reporting of total daily new cases (positive results) and cases per 100,000 will continue to include PCR and antigen tests.

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