A new type of Indian food is coming to the Newmarket this fall

Bombay Frankies will introduce a new dining element, as well as a new fast-casual dining concept, when it opens in Yonge and Green Lane.

A new fast-paced casual Indian restaurant is set to open on Yonge Street and Green Lane this fall.

Bombay Frankie is the brainchild of business partners Alex Jerzon and George Hughes, owners of Eat Up Canada Inc. The couple first met Frankie on a trip to Ottawa and knew they had to do something with her.

“Frankies are burrito-style portable bread rolls. The wrap is called a paratha and is filled with different types of meat or vegetables, and great Indian spices and sauces,” said Hughes.

It is a common food in India made famous in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

“We got the idea to really create a concept around Frankie and didn’t think there were a lot of restaurants in the market that would do quick service or a quick casual slice of the market,” said Hughes.

He said there are plenty of Indian restaurants but not many on the fast casual side of things. However, Bombay Franks was not considered a fast food restaurant. Heos said the restaurant will have dinner with about 30 seats but not full table service, but they won’t just take orders from the counter either.

This model, he said, would give customers “a little more dining experience than you would normally find in fast food.”

For the menu, they partnered with Vikrim Vij, an Indian-born Canadian chef, cookbook author and TV personality.

“Frankie has always been dear to my heart because they took me back to the streets of India and its deep-rooted culture and food history. Namaste and have fun,” said Vig.

When it came to choosing the first location for Bombay Frankies, they settled in the East Gwillimbury/Newmarket area familiar to Heos. He has lived in Aurora and Newmarket for 30 years and is very knowledgeable about the area. He also said that the plaza is a great area for business.

“I know how crowded this area is and we felt it was a good initial location. It’s a high-quality mall with anchorages like Lowe’s, Longo’s, Beer Store and LCBO, so it’s a high-quality tenant mix, which is something we’ll look for as we develop a brand.”

Although Hughes and Jerzon were just introduced to Frankie for the first time while out of town, Hughes said they see it as an “exciting opportunity” to bring food to the area. He said Canada is a nation of immigrants and that we really embrace our differences, especially when it comes to food.

The new restaurant is scheduled to open in September, and Heos said he hopes it will be the first of many, because they want to franchise.

“My business partner and I have worked in the restaurant industry collectively for over 50 years with some of the largest franchised brands in Canada. So we have invested a significant amount of money developing the menu, brands and systems so that we can take this and be able to franchise them. successfully.” “The most successful path is through franchising.”

Hughes said they plan to have 100 sites in the next 10 years, some of which are already under construction, and three to five sites are expected to open in the first year.

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