A first look at the recently reopened Woodley Island Kitchen

One of the most unique food trucks in our local Wichita fleet is Woodley Island Kitchen. They serve Jamaican food, but the truck hasn’t come out in over a year. During that time, they served food, which left fans wondering if the truck would be back. The good news came this weekend as the truck came back victorious.

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My brother and I swung in to welcome them back and ordered the Wadadli Jerk Chicken and Island Oxtails.

I wouldn’t waste much of your time, because we didn’t do the food. It was awesome. Both options were more than satisfactory, and I’m not sure if I could pick the preferred one. The jerk chicken had an incredibly delicious taste that stayed put and kept you coming back for more. Meanwhile, the oxtail was as tender as possible. I’ve eaten oxtail in as many places as possible, and Wadadli has definitely been there as some of the best. My brother and I had no problem eating the meal.

We had a variety of sides, the salad, red beans, rice and creamy mashed potatoes were probably my favourite.

Woodley Island Kitchen

Woodley Island Kitchen

I hope to see them at some food cart gatherings, where I can easily go for any of these dishes again sooner rather than later. It’s great to have them back.

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