Bahia’s reimagining of classic cuisine is a must in Balzan

One of the island’s most innovative restaurants is taking Maltese cuisine forward after months of moving to the sites.

Michelin-starred Bahia has earned a reputation for its young, fresh and exciting approach to a range of exquisite dishes.

Bahia first made a name for itself in Lija’s quiet back road, astonishing diners with their original concepts – such as that of the Upside Down Menu or the Gourmet Fast Food Run. Now, the Bahia team has moved into the stunning Corinthia Hotel in Balzan, where they have created their own new restaurant space.

From Maltese oranges laid around the venue to an entire mural based on the growth of Maltese plants, Bahia doesn’t play around when it comes to celebrating its Maltese roots.

They even have a specially preserved Maltese tree in the middle of part of their dining areas.

Bahia also has two idyllic outdoor terraces overlooking the San Anton Gardens, which will come in handy during the summer months – but its interior is so well done, it would be a shame not to stop for a moment and enjoy it.

“We have worked tirelessly to create a space that is comfortable for our guests and highly functional for our staff. Today we feel we are in a position to give our guests a more complete experience. This is what impresses us because the latter has always been one of our core values,” said Colin Siantar, owner of Bahia.

“The space is a huge change from our little patio in Lega, and the team is delighted to have the opportunity to serve guests outdoors as they are well aware of the preference for outdoor dining during the summer season,” he continued before revealing the plans. So that more orange trees are incorporated into the design.

“Two oranges, Chloe and Jed, are eager to find themselves in these stands, accompanying guests who will continue to experience the opportunity to choose their food from past, present and future. Each of these menus is inspired by some of the foundations of Maltese culinary heritage, and our guests have received each of these Lists really well.”

While Bahia offers an à la carte menu – representing the present – they have also introduced a fun new concept where one can choose to dine in the ‘past’ or ‘future’ simply by choosing a pre-set cylinder and placing it in the desired stand.

Without even showing you the menu, your server will see your choice, communicate it to the kitchen, and take you on a gastronomic tour with your taste buds firmly in the hands of Bahia cuisine.

Just remember that the Black Carbon Filter Cylinder represents the future.

It goes without saying that the food is superb, among the top class of Maltese cuisine, and the plating reflects the thought and emotion that goes into every dish.

Fresh local fish

Very passionate about her food, Bahia regularly uploads videos just to analyze the idea behind their dishes.

Whether you’re looking to see what the future of Maltese cuisine looks like, want to explore a multi-course meal without knowing what’s in it or just want to enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the San Anton Gardens, Bahia’s new space in Corinthia is a must-try for any foodie The Maltese respects himself.

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