Energy quest tips to boost your energy levels in time for summer

With the cold, dark winter days behind us, we’re all ready to embrace spring and summer with open arms. But with these warmer seasons also comes an abundance of activities and a social life. So how can we improve our energy levels for more fun in the sun?

Taking time to rest, practicing proper nutrition, and using supportive supplements, such as Flora Health Adult Probiotics and Ferritin+ can help promote healthy energy levels and immune function throughout an action-packed summer. * But to dig deeper into this topic, we talked. With RD and seasonal eating expert Maggie Michalczyk.

mindbodygreen: What are your favorite tips for maintaining energy during the warmer months when our social calendars are at an all-time high?

Maggie Michalczyk, RD: Carving out some rest time for yourself even when your schedule gets hectic during the warmer months is a must in my book. We cannot appear to be the best versions of ourselves if we do not take care of ourselves through rest, proper nutrition, and other healthy habits that contribute to our overall wellness.

Taking the time to stick to your routine, whether it’s cooking meals at home as often as we can, not touching the screen, exercising, keeping up with our supplements like probiotics, and downtime are all thoughtful practices that help ensure we feel our best and that our energy stays high. during busy times. *

Also when the temperatures are high and we are outside, it is very important to make sure we stay hydrated, as not having enough fluids is a major source of energy.

mbg: You mentioned probiotics. How does gut health contribute to energy levels?

millimeter: First and foremost I think it is important to understand that the gut is associated with many different functions in our bodies other than just digestion. The good bacteria in our gut actually help produce some of the B vitamins that are essential for energy production. Good digestion from a healthy gut can also help us feel our best and more energetic.

In general, when our guts are down, we don’t feel as satisfied as we should, which can mean low energy, mood, and more for some of us.

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