The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

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  • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are back in court 18 months after their latest standoff – a libel trial in the UK. This time, Deep Heard is suing for $50m (£38m) over an opinion piece she wrote in the Washington Post alleging she is a victim of domestic violence.

    Although Heard did not give his name, he claims that her allegations affected his ability to work. Heard is back in a $100 million lawsuit against Depp as their bitter legal battle continues in Fairfax County, Virginia. The case opened last month (April 11).

    It comes after Depp lost his first legal battle in November 2020 – a defamation case against The Sun newspaper over an article he described as a “wife beater”. The defamation trial to date has included agonizing charges of unreasonable conduct and domestic abuse. More than four weeks after these latest proceedings, we’re looking at when the trial is expected to end…

    The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial: When will it end?

    The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Expected to end sometime after May 27 The trial was scheduled to last five weeks. The trial began on Monday, April 11, and is five weeks away. However, court proceedings are off this week as Judge Benny Azcaret attends a conference.

    She gave the parties and the jury a 10-day break at the start of the trial. So the fifth week of proceedings is expected to begin again soon, with Amber Heard continuing to testify on May 16 at 9am. She will be questioned by Depp’s lawyer.

    Closing arguments are expected on May 27.

    At the end of last week, the two sides issued statements of confidence on how the proceedings will proceed. Heard has already spoken extensively about her tumultuous relationship with Depp and has provided details of the alleged physical altercations. The court heard a harrowing account of the alleged sexual assault of Heard during a brutal and bloody altercation in Australia in 2015. The couple made incriminating allegations about the other during proceedings in Virginia with allegations of verbal and physical abuse being made.

    During his three-and-a-half days in the witness stand, Mr. Depp testified at length about the alleged physical and verbal abuse at the hands of Mrs. Heard, as well as her alleged drug and alcohol abuse.

    It is understood that Depp will be called back to the witness stand as part of the Heard case.

    Like the UK proceedings, there are various stages of the US trial that must be completed before sentencing. In the UK, a jury is required to hear both the prosecution and defense counsel before the accused stands and faces cross-examination. Witnesses are then called for each and questioned before a closing debate. A final summary of the case is heard, and the jury then delivers its verdict to the judge who then issues their verdict.

    Who will testify about amber?

    Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, is expected to testify for Amber, along with actress Ellen Barkin. Depp’s sister Debbie Depp has not yet testified, but she has appeared on Heard’s list of potential witnesses and can testify when the trial resumes. Elon Musk has reportedly taken to the podium, but a source familiar with the situation said independent He won’t actually take the stand.

    James Franco is also listed among Heard’s potential witnesses, and is expected to appear via the video link. But as with musk, independent He has since learned that he will not testify.

    Over the weeks of testimony, the jury actually heard from a series of witnesses. These include the couple’s former marriage counselor, their friends and employees, and Depp himself. The testimony thus far has painted a captivating and disturbing picture of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s doomed marriage, revealing alleged violent fights, drug abuse allegations and each other’s evil words.

    Before the trial began, Depp and Heard published a list of witnesses their teams might wish to call and submitted lists of objections to some of each other’s witnesses. So, the final group of people giving testimony will continue to evolve as the proceedings continue.


    Why is it important to mention Amber Heard Kate Moss?

    In her testimony, Amber Heard mentioned Kate Moss – who dated Depp in the mid-’90s. This is significant because mentioning the supermodel is believed to give Depp’s team the freedom to call Kate to refute the testimony. Given that she’s supposed to be on good terms with Johnny, this could lead to a question about Amber Heard’s credibility.

    “(Kate Moss) is still friends with Johnny and her testimony was allegedly not allowed to attend before because it was not relevant. California entertainment attorney Mitra Ahurian told the New York Post that this is one of the mistakes he (Amber) made, putting forward Kate Moss, which She probably opened the door for Johnny’s team to bring in Kate as an impeachment witness.

    The delightful response from Johnny and his legal team when Kate Moss was mentioned was baffled by many onlookers at the time, as shown in the video below.

    Amber brought the supermodel as she looked back at an alleged altercation between Depp and her sister Whitney, in March 2015. She told the court: “(Whitney) is back down the stairs, Johnny swinging at her. I don’t hesitate, I don’t wait – I just, in my head I immediately think of Kate Moss and Stairs.

    Although no additional context is given, this may relate to the same incident reported during the UK’s 2020 defamation trial. According to the New York Post, she told the court: “I remembered the information I had heard [that] He pushed his ex-girlfriend – I think it was Kate Moss – down the stairs. I heard this rumor from two people and it was new to my mind.

    The New York Post quoted a source close to Johnny Depp, who said, “Amber previously mentioned to Johnny she clearly felt she wasn’t supportive of him, and nothing could be further from the truth.”

    The source further claimed that the gesture of Johnny and his attorney, Benjamin Chiu, was a “ceremonial confession”.

    The trial continues…

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