West Side Rag »Liquor license approvals reveal changes to neighborhood favorites and opening of new restaurants

Posted on May 14, 2022 at 3:00 PM by West Side Rag

By Maya Mao

The following restaurants applied for modified or new beverage licenses at CB7’s Business and Consumer Issues Committee meeting on Wednesday, May 11:

Ashoka, an Indian restaurant at 489 Columbus Avenue (between 83rd and 84th Streets), has applied for a change of class. Since opening about five years ago, they have only served beer and wine, but now hope to serve alcoholic beverages as well. The committee voted unanimously in favour.

unique, an American burger joint at 476 Amsterdam Avenue (83rd Street), has applied for a new, temporary retail permit. David, the current owner, plans to continue to be the front of the operation, but he and his family have health problems, so the official ownership is transferred. From the customer’s perspective, everything about Fred will remain the same. The committee approved the request and expressed its appreciation to the restaurant.

Gennaro, a fine-dining Italian-Mediterranean restaurant at 665 Amsterdam Avenue (between 92nd and 93rd Streets), has held a wine and beer license for its indoor space for many years and hopes to expand that license to include a sidewalk café and an outdoor tent. The restaurant has been open since 1996 and nothing else will change. The committee voted unanimously in favour.

Lulu on Broadway It opens at 2799 Broadway (at 108th Street). Leticia Young, the owner, has been running LoLo’s Seafood Shack at 116th Street (between Frederick Douglass Avenue and Manhattan Avenue) for eight years. Young describes the new venue as “a mixture of Cape and Caribbean.” Raymond Mohan, Young’s husband, is the executive chef. They’ve been in the restaurant industry for decades and are looking to open up the brand to “be more inclusive and focus on lunch.” The committee approved the request and was pleased with Young and Mohan’s latest project.

Jazz Guinness Company Opens a place in the basement of 105 West 72nd Street (Columbus Street), with the name to be determined later. They applied for a two-year liquid license, and plan to have an “American” menu: affordable comfort food. At night, they will perform live jazz trios and quartet. Ultimately, they hope to offer jazz brunch on the weekends, as well as a free weekly jazz educational program to help teach people the place of jazz in our culture and history. Some community members expressed concern about potential noise, which Mark Rabinovich (the owner) tried to calm down by emphasizing soundproof plans in the area. The liquor application was approved by the committee on the understanding that Rabinovitch would develop a comprehensive plan to reduce inconvenience to the local community.

Applications will be voted on by the full board on June 7.

Noticeable: At the bottom of the agenda was an entry stating that the liquor licensing hearing for “2624-2626 Broadway (West 99th) Metrocinema 1, LLC d/b/a To Be Determined.” We expect an announcement about the development of the Metro Theater very soon!

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