Luxurious cuisine and a smooth, refreshing Carlsberg await lovers of beer and spicy foods!

Carlsberg Smooth Draft and Chef Mano deliver a fiery dining experience! Carlsberg Smooth Draft “Real Spicy, Real Smooth” combines contemporary Indian delicacies with its signature refreshing brew into one culinary night. Led by a culinary genius – Michelin-starred Chef Manu ThivarThis exclusive event promises to pair food with so many different flavors that are sure to give the palate a complete workout.

Chef Manu Thivar (second from left) with the management team of Carlsberg Malaysia.

“We are extremely proud of this initiative as we are able to offer our beer drinkers an exciting opportunity to enjoy a Carlsberg Smooth Draft and a fine dining experience all in one luxury night. When given the opportunity to collaborate with an internationally recognized chef like Manu Thivar, we felt it was the perfect occasion to celebrate the successful accomplishments of our Malaysian talent, who has carved a name for herself in the industry while presenting Stefano Clini, General Manager Carlsberg Malaysia, commented on a unique and unforgettable global experience to our clients.

03 Carlsberg Malaysia General Manager Stefano Cellini delivers his speech
Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia

Set to be a ‘not to be missed’ affair for beer lovers, the Real Spicy, Real Smooth dine-in offers a four-course meal showcasing creative combinations of spicy Indian cuisine complete and infused with Carlsberg Smooth Draft. The blend of heat and spices dancing playfully around the palate along with the tangy and refreshing taste of Carlsberg Smooth Draft, ignites the taste buds in a blend of zesty flavors that will transport diners on an epicurean journey.

Carlsbergspicy Smooth Draft serves a four-course meal

At the start of the evening, Chef Manu Thivar kicks off diners with a lively touch as they are greeted with fluffy naan bread, courtesy of Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, which is served with Soft Carlsberg Soaked Butter. Once the guests are seated, the menu warms up with a coil Beetroot chat, maitake mushroom samosa and chettinad chicken taco or vindaloo jackfruit taco In the vegetarian menu, as an appetizer.

06 maitake mushroom samosa
Maitake mushroom samosa

Tubes that offer either Mutton kebab, coconut sauce, snapper, or Malabar cauliflower Pinch the palate with earthy, spicy flavors blended with Carlsberg Smooth Draft as one of the main ingredients. Each bite delivers a magical blend of hot and savory cuisine elevated by the refreshing softness of Carlsberg Smooth Draft, bringing guests on a mouth-watering picnic.

10 Meat Pura Kebab Fried Pepper Lamb's Belly
Lamb kebab with pepper fried lamb belly

Then the meal is impressively finished Rasmalai and Carlsberg Smooth Draft Ice Cream To wash away the heat-causing feast.

13 Rasmalai Smooth Draft Ice Cream
Rasmalai and Carlsberg Smooth Draft Ice Cream

As a special bonus, guests will also be able to bring home the evening’s fiery memorabilia; a Carlsberg Smooth Dream dipped in chili sauce Handcrafted by the chef himself so they can add some heat any time they enjoy their Carlsberg Smooth Draft.

“Anything and everything around me affects me. The exciting journey of creating new flavors with Carlsberg Smooth Draft was not only stimulating, but also exciting as we looked to harmoniously bring each dish together. While beer and spicy food always go well together I think the Real Spicy, Real Smooth experience will give beer lovers a new appreciation for Carlsberg Smooth Draft and elevate their future beer drinking celebrations,” Chef Mano Thevar commented.

04 Chef Manu during the sharing session

From now until the end of May, the Carlsberg Smooth Smooth project is being researched 100 lucky winners and their partnerswho will be rewarded with a grand prize for a dining experience.

The full VIP trip includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Evening ride with driver
  • An appointment with the Michelin-starred Chef Manu Thivar who serves up delicious specialties specially designed for a “Real Spicy, Real Smooth” person worth RM2000!

To increase the chances of winning, beer lovers will need to frequent and buy their favorite bars or pubs 10 half pints, six full pints, two buckets or a Carlsberg Smooth Draft tower. This will put them in the race to win the coveted place for two in the A “real spice, real smooth” dining experience.

At participating supermarkets and hypermarkets, 99 official Speedmart and Carlsberg online stores, you can get credit for your RM5 Touch ‘n Go e-wallet by purchasing 2 packs of 6-pack Carlsberg Smooth Draft or get your RM10 Touch e-wallet credit n Go with purchase of 1 carton (24 packs) of Carlsberg Smooth Draft. This also gives consumers another way to win the premium dining jackpot.

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Of course, as part of living a safe and responsible life, we advocate responsible consumption, and always remember if you’re drinking, don’t drive. # Festive responsibly.

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