Snap2Save Healthy Food Incentive Reaches New Levels

DenverAnd May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the first quarter of 2022, the Healthy Food Incentive Program’s redemptions, powered by Snap2Save technology, exceeded $100,000The total recoveries since the start of the program have now passed $400,000. While this increase unfortunately shows that many Americans remain food insecure, it does show that valuable food incentive programs, enabled by Snap2Save, continue to make a difference and reach families in need.

Save money. Live healthy.

Snap2Save technology automates healthy food incentive programs, lowering costs and allowing for greater expansion. Snap2Save currently supports two apps.

The first app helps grocers better serve SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) shoppers by automating USDA production incentives, such as Double Up Food Bucks. Through these programs, SNAP recipients receive coupons to match funds to purchase fresh produce.

Lonenie BirdFood Access Manager of Nourish Colorado, which sponsors Double Up Food Bucks programs at many Save-A-Lot stores, said, “Our valuable partnership with Snap2Save and Save-A-Lot allows us to provide access to important food in some Colorado underserved communities, helping to tackle food insecurity by ensuring that shoppers do not have to compromise on fresh produce.”

The second app is the FoodRx program, through which health care providers prescribe fresh produce to patients with coupons for free products. Tracking and rewarding patients’ shopping behaviors, especially for chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity, is vital in managing both health outcomes and healthcare expenditures.

Julia Kobrakassociate director of Nutrition Incentives at The Food Trust, which sponsors both the production of incentive programs and FoodRx programs at PennsylvaniaHe explained, “In addition to adding a local grocery store to our Nutrition Incentive Redemption network, Snap2Save has allowed us to work more efficiently with healthcare partners as we grow our Food Bucks Rx prescription voucher program. Through automation and scaling, this platform has the potential to Reaching more residents as we work towards our mission of serving delicious, nutritious food to everyone.”

Snap2Save’s health incentive programs are currently operating in a variety of retail locations in ColoradoAnd Illinois And Pennsylvaniawhich are the first steps in developing a large-scale health and wellness platform focused on independent retailers and intended to reward the purchase of healthy foods, as well as a national platform connecting grocers and health care providers for FoodRx.

Sam JonasSnap2Save Founder and CEO, explained, “Good health and food security – with a focus on nutrition in the form of fresh produce – are two sides of the same coin. Our goal is to provide technology that effectively supports both at-risk and chronically ill consumers.”

Snap2Save’s Apps automate healthy food incentive programs, enabling retailers, health care providers, and agencies to expand health incentive programs and reduce costs.

Feed Colorado Dedicated to developing sustainable diets to ensure equitable access to nutritious foods, and statewide management Double Up Food Bucks.

lunch box It works with neighborhoods, corporations, retailers, farmers and policy makers across the country to ensure this Delicious and nutritious food for everyone.

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