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Galley Solutions, a food data company that provides food operators with technology to make more profitable decisions about their cooking operations, has raised $14.2 million in Series A funding.

Ian Christopher, COO, started the company with his son-in-law, Benji Koltai, CEO, in 2017. The food ERP tool came from Koltai’s previous work at Sprig, a delivery-only restaurant started by CEO Gagan Biyani and former CEO of Google Nate Keller.

Christopher explained that in the early days, there was no recording system, so a lot of work was done in a low-tech environment – spreadsheets or pen and pencil. Koltai, who suffers from a food allergy, continued to get misspent meals and healthy interactions.

“He went to the cooking team and just said, like, ‘Why did we get this wrong?'” Christopher told TechCrunch. “We have this source of truth for our recipes, so why not post every other corner of this process, including labeling and allergen information. That was when a great chef accompanied him through the chaos that was their kitchen operations.”

Koltai, working with Keller, took a recipe-focused approach and coded the first version of Galley, which provides clean recipe data, predictive purchasing, intelligent inventory and accurate food production planning. Keeler now works with Galle as part of the Customer Success Program.

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Example on the Galley Solutions website. Image credits: printing plate solutions

The company’s technology is a kitchen productivity tool that focuses on basic recipe data, and the purchasing and inventory aspects stem from that. For example, carrots for carrot soup are mapped to sellers’ items in real time so the kitchen can make better purchasing decisions and more accurate recipe margins.

Galley works with companies such as DoorDash, Aramark and Chowbotics. Christopher said the company increased its subscription revenue 280% from a year ago and saw a net dollar holding of 146% in the first quarter of 2022.

It was also at its growth point where it was hitting profitability and was close to positive cash flow when the leadership decided to leverage its position to aggressively scale.

This is where the A series comes in. The investment was led by Astanor Ventures and includes the participation of current investor Zetta Venture Partners. This gives the company $20 million in total funding to date. Galley is the latest start-up to bring technology to the kitchen to receive funding. Earlier this year, we also saw Meez raise $6.5 million for its recipe program.

Meanwhile, the new financing enables the company to expand and move into secondary markets to connect supply and demand with a focus on automating purchasing decision and purchasing activity.

“We were able to generate millions of dollars in revenue with two salespeople in our organization, so we have to expand our sales team,” Christopher said. The new funding will also go towards production and engineering.

Next, the company focuses on sustainability as part of its partnership with Astanor, including sustainability impacts and initiatives related to food waste.

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