Osma Instant Cold Brew Machine Liquid Gold Fermentation…$695

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What if you could have the perfect cup of cold coffee in just a few minutes, without the hassle of steeping overnight? This is the base ballpark behind the Osma Pro, a $695 quirky tool from designer Joey Roth. You may remember him as the man behind these gorgeous ceramic amplifiers over a decade ago—this time, he set his sights on something even more ambitious: creating an entirely new form of coffee brewing.


Osma Pro relies on sonic cavitation, or a wave of constant ground-moving pressure, for a smooth, crunchy dose of coffee. It has the nuances you’d find in a cold brew (something you lose with heat-based methods), but also adds the layers of complexity you’d expect from an espresso, like a little cream on top. The result, based on a few months of testing, is one of the most unique coffee experiences I’ve ever had.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself a true Java connoisseur, but I do know my way around an espresso machine, and have tried just about every other method of brewing coffee over the years. During the summer, I usually rely on a homemade iced latte or cold brew (via the elegant OXO range). if I were Is that true Lazy, I’ll buy a bottle of the concentrated cold brew at the store (Grady’s, in particular, is just lovely).

These methods have kept me alert and productive since college, but Osma coffee adds more depth, with a velvety texture reminiscent of a cold nitro brew. It’s also noticeably stronger than a typical cup of cold coffee, at least based on the amount of ground coffee Osma suggests. After adding ice, water, and a dash of soy milk, I’m left with a drink that gives me a better stir than a cold brew cup, but doesn’t make me nervous like a three-shot iced latte. Iced coffee for a long time, hello goosebumps coffee.

Osma instant iced coffee maker

Devendra Hardwar / Engadjit

As much as I love Osma, though, its high price tag and multi-step process make it more suitable for true coffee shop geeks and geeks. Pulling the shot involves grinding fresh beans and fitting them into a coffee filter, as you’d expect. But you also have to put a cup of water under the drinking straw, as well as something under the filter to grab the coffee. (Roth says future designs could have built-in tanks, like De Breville’s beloved espresso machine.) Then you have to pre-soak the soil by pressing the pump button a few times, wait 30 seconds or so, and only then can you start pulling a shot perfect. I can usually have 5 ounces in less than a minute, but you can also have more or less depending on your taste.

The Osma’s sturdy, anodized aluminum canister makes it stand out in kitchens usually filled with shiny stainless steel appliances. The 18-pound machine feels big, but I’d like to see Ruth spin around its sharp corners. I’ve already stabbed myself a few times while making coffee, and am worried about leaving it on the counter where my wife or child could accidentally bump into it. It’s thin enough to fit in a drawer, but its weight also makes it difficult to maneuver. It is best suited for a corner that does not experience heavy traffic.

Given how quickly a cold nitro brew can kick in, I wouldn’t be surprised if Osma found a foothold in small coffee shops. It’s already a fixture at Chromatic in San Jose, says Roth, and he’s in discussions with other coffee shops. It’s hard to anticipate demand for a traditional cold brew, after all, so a lot of stores will likely welcome a faster way to make a cold cup of coffee.

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