Stories from World Disco Soup Day 2022

For the sixth time after starting the initiative in 2016, World Disco Soup Day has taken the world back!

On April 30th from continent to continent, everyone celebrates their love for sustainability, food, respect for the planet and helping those in need. Here you can read about some of them, but WDSD has hundreds of amazing participants whom we thank so much for the support.

We start with one of the most incredible stories of this year’s World Disco Soup Day, we have slow food adanafrom turkey, where a sustainable wedding was celebrated during the day. To reduce the climatic footprint, the Adana community celebrated WDSD in the Belemedek Natural Park. Meanwhile, the community hosted an unforgettable wedding between two activists (Tania and Ozer)! Instead of cutting and eating the typical wedding cake, the groom took his first sip of disco soup! Then all the community enjoyed the typical Turkish dances and catchy tunes, as the WDSD logo suggests.

Not far from there, people from FoodBlessed NGO at LebanonSaving food and fighting hunger since 2012, 60 people were working in a large kitchen after salvaging local vegetables and fruits that markets could no longer sell to turn everything into a tasty big soup. They’ve been participating every year, even though they celebrate junk products all year long.

Their enthusiasm was out of this world! They spent the whole day smiling, dancing to their typical sounds, and cooking amidst joy.

On the other side of the world, at the Far Eastern Cavite University, there was another WDSD in Manila, philippines. hosted by the university SFYN Philippines Volunteers She was able to feed people from communities in need using products from Kadiwa, a market system that sells key agricultural commodities at reasonably low prices to help the poor.

Filipino families are located in Doa, a large shopping mall in the Philippines. Many children also happily participated in this honest project. WDSD happened during Filipino Food Month as well, expanding the celebration.

On the American continent a great disco soup took place at the Mercado San Pedro in Cusco, Peru. launch the hashtag #nodesperdicio, cosco slow food Save a total of 180 kg of fruits and vegetables from local markets! After that, they prepared delicious dishes and soups with the help of some chefs and served free food to everyone in the Mercado. “Fill stomachs, not boxes!” they chanted.

in Posadas, Argentinathe wonderful volunteers from Tweet embed social communication WDSD is still celebrated even in the rain, with a full folk drum orchestra dancing together! They shared all their respect for the food, with loads of music, dances and sharing on social media. We were really happy with the virtual party with them.

Our volunteers in Africa shared a lot of content with us, especially with all the food they saved on the morning of WDSD.

Our community in Uganda Not only did they celebrate the fruits and veggies that saved the day, but the fish as well! They launched an outdoor Slow Food event with the fishing community of Kiyindi in Buikwe District. They all also salvaged fruits and vegetables from nearby markets and vendors, before going to celebrate together at the landing site.

In Europe, creativity exploded with our people from Stockholm slow foodwho has created beautiful and innovative designs and graphics of a Slow Food snail and the WDSD logo, for use in the Disco Soup celebrations in Sweden.

In the HollandThe Amsterdam SFYN The community decided to organize WDSD in order to help refugees from Ukraine coming to the Netherlands. They made a huge amount of 300 liters of soup with wasted vegetables for more than 800 Ukrainian refugees! To prepare the soup, they used 190 kg of potatoes. It happened in focacciaamsterdam.

We finish with Italiaespecially young people slow food rovigowho decided to add a fun and free sustainability test for everyone during their celebration of the International Day of Sustainable Development.

The test consists of a few questions about sustainability, all based on one person’s daily habits. The person with the best score (who consumed less waste and lived a more sustainable life) will win a package containing several salvaged products and a book guide to a more sustainable life…

Do you want to participate in next year’s festivities? Keep an eye on social media @slowfoodyouthnetwork to get updated and keep the last Saturday of April on your agenda for next year!

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