Tesco becomes “the easiest place for customers to find healthy food”

// Tesco to help customers shop more healthily with a new initiative
// Tesco will remove high volume promotions on HFSS products from October 2022

Tesco has confirmed plans to help customers eat healthier and fulfill its commitment to making its business the easiest place for customers to shop for affordable food.

After the government announced that restrictions on multiple purchase deals on foods high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) would be delayed by a year, Tesco will remove volume-led promotions on HFSS products from October 2022.

This is in response to customer feedback that it can be difficult to change their shopping habits, with 86% of customers saying they want to eat healthier, and 77% wanting help from supermarkets to do so.

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Tesco recently launched a new campaign called Better Baskets, which is designed to help customers shop for a healthier and more sustainable basket, without compromising on price.

While Tesco will continue to provide value for products across the entire store, this move means customers will no longer need to purchase more HFSS products than they need to to access significant value.

The move is part of its broader commitment to supporting customers to live healthier and more sustainable lives and achieving the goal of increasing sales of healthy products to 65% as a percentage of total sales by 2025.

Jason Tarry, CEO of Tesco UK & ROI, said: “Our mission is to make Tesco the easiest place to shop for a healthy and more sustainable basket – while keeping the cost of the weekly shop in check. It is essential that we continue to make the right calls on behalf of customers and communities.

“Customers tell us that they want to eat a healthier, more sustainable diet, but without having to increase their weekly shopping budget. We agree, and thanks to our laser focus on great value, customers will not need to make that concession at Tesco.”

Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco, said: “At Tesco, we passionately believe that healthy food should be accessible to everyone, no matter what your budget — and today’s announcement is a major step toward that. With more than eight in ten people reporting Their higher cost of living, value is the number one factor that drives choice in our stores.

We will always make sure that our products are competitively priced. But we can’t stop there. Obesity levels are on the rise among adults and children and the health of our nation must also be high on our agenda.”

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