CBP COVID-19 Updates and Announcements

Relief imports from COVID-19

In an effort to coordinate inquiries related to the import of medical supplies and personal protective equipment, CBP’s Center of Pharmaceutical, Health, and Chemical Excellence and Expertise has set up a COVID-19 Shipping Decision Team (CCRT). This team is a multidisciplinary team to screen incoming inquiries, coordinate with affected outlets and respond directly as appropriate. Imports.cbp.gov will be used as a coordination mechanism for CBP to receive and respond to inquiries related to COVID-19 relief imports. The assigned staff will also coordinate with ports and other government agencies to ensure that legitimate shipments are not unnecessarily delayed. see also, The World Customs Organization releases the Harmonized System classification reference for medical supplies for COVID-19 – Guidance from the World Customs Organization (WCO). For more information on COVID-19 relief imports, please see the COVID-19 Relief Imports page. Visit the COVID-19 FAQ page for more information on the FAQ about the 90-day postponement.

Consumer awareness of COVID-19 safety guidelines

Helpful tips to help you protect yourself, your family and others with safe online shopping. Some foreign online sellers may benefit US consumers by charging high prices for counterfeit or substandard sanitation products and safety equipment. Pay attention before buying.

Regulations and Terms

Temporary Deferral of Duties, Taxes and Duties Due for COVID-19 – The Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the designee for the Secretary of Homeland Security (U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)), is temporarily amending CBP regulations to defer the deadline for registered importers in significant financial difficulty to file some Estimated duties, taxes and charges which they would normally be required to pay as of the date of entry or withdrawal from the warehouse for consumption for goods entered in March or April 2020, for a period of 90 days from the due date of the deposit had it not been for this emergency action.

The National Division of Specialized Commodities accepts requests for binding judgments. To submit applications via electronic provisions and for updated instructions, visit https://erulings.cbp.gov/s/. Please note: Processing delays may occur due to COVID-19.

Regulatory audit and advisory services for the agency

The Agency’s Regulatory Audit and Advisory Services (RAAAS) in the COVID-19 environment continues to conduct audits while following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s health and safety guidelines. Due to preventive risk mitigation measures, both domestic and international, such as social distancing, avoidance of group meetings, travel restrictions, shelter provision and a remote work environment, as a result of the pandemic, please feel free to contact your audit contact to discuss alternative options to continue your audit. Via virtual meetings, technology and secure file transfer protocols that we are implementing to meet the audit challenges in a COVID-19 environment.

Alternate record keeping

The RAAAS continues to support advanced notification of the intent to convert the original Customs records to an alternative storage method as defined in 19 CFR ┬ž 163.5(b)(2). For a faster response and contact method during the COVID-19 protocol, please send your correspondence and notifications to the following email address: CBPRECORDS@CBP.DHS.GOV.

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