| Evacuations at Black Fire Expand – 3pm May 21, 2022 NM Fire Info

Expansion of evacuations on black fire

PM Update 5/21/2022 3:00 PM

advertisement: Effective immediately, additional evacuations were carried out due to the black fire.

Evacuations: In coordination with Grant, Catron and Sierra counties, the following areas are subject to a state of evacuation:
Go – Zone 2: new: Part of District 1 is now in operation, including Taylor Ranch and Alexander Peak. The line runs north along the Titanic Way, then east for about eight miles before turning southeast, connecting again to Zone 2. The remainder of Zone 2 remains in Go. The remainder of District 1 is still in group, and includes parts of Catron and Sierra Counties, including Beaverhead and Poverty Creek.
Go – Zone 6: they change: District 6 east of Forest Road 150 is now in Go. The area west of Forest Road 150 remains stable. This area is located in Grant County.
Go – Zone 4: No change: Areas in Sierra County, including Hermosa and Mt. Mood Spring.
Go – Zone 5: No change: Areas in Grant County, including 150 lanes 1.5 south of Tom Moore Trailhead.
he sat: Zone 7: they changeZone 7 east of Forest Road 150 is now in Set and includes the Continental Divide Scenic Trail. The area west of Forest Road 150 is still ready, including Rocky Canyon Campground.
he sat – Zone 3: No change: Areas in Sierra County, including Winston and Chloride.
Ready – Zone 8: new: An area starting at the southern end of Zone 7, four miles south, then about 27 miles east. The area now includes Victorio Park Mountain, Flagpole Mountain, and Pack Trail.
Several areas have either been evacuated or are in a state of readiness for evacuation.

The mayors of Grant, Catron, and Sierra counties use the Prepare, Designate, and Go program to notify residents of an evacuation status. For detailed information on Ready, Set, Go! New Mexico, visit https://www.emnrd.nm.gov/sfd/fire-prevention-programs/ready-set-go-new-mexico/.

more information:
: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/8103/
New Mexico Fire Information: https://nmfireinfo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GilaNForest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gilanforest

Phone lines: public: 575-249-1264; The media: 575-249-1294; Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM

email: 2022.black@firenet.gov

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