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Ernakulam: Since adulterated food is such a serious risk, staying healthy now depends as much on trustworthy sources as on a balanced diet. Concerned parents have a hard time convincing their children to eat nutritious foods. Dr. Shamila Shahbaz, 30, turned entrepreneur, aims to make life easier for these parents. Mama Baba Zay, Shamila’s project, aims to provide a variety of completely homemade and preservative-free products to babies, starting at eight months of age. By purchasing ingredients such as wheat, ragi, millet and almonds directly from the farmers, the project generates profits for them as well.

“The idea shocked me when I became a mother,” said Shamila, who is also a certified pediatric nutritionist.
“People, in general, don’t have the habit of reading labels and ingredients before buying a product. This should change. You’ll stop buying a lot of products just by reading the list of ingredients like added sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives. It also shocked me and wondered what to feed my baby. When I started to Sharing my recipes on social media after pregnancy, people asked me if I could make the products myself on a larger scale. Now we get orders from all over the world.”

Local farmers benefit greatly from the Shamila initiative. “Canankaya is the main ingredient used to make banana powder. We have a few local farmers grow it, and we deal with them directly. Shops charge 35-40 rupees per kilogram of fruit. We pay 20-25 rupees directly to the farmers, so they get a better deal than selling Their products are in the market.” Millet, ragi, nuts and other ingredients are similarly sourced from farmers in Salem and Mysuru,” said Shamila’s husband, Muhammad Shahbaz.

“We are playing a small role in trying to change the health of our society as a whole, by cultivating healthy eating habits. This is just a small step, we hope to be known as a trustworthy source of nutritional food for children. Young mothers should not find themselves in the predicament I was in,” Shamila said. To identify unadulterated baby food.

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