Savor the exquisite flavors of North Indian cuisine with the grandeur of the kitchen area, Hyatt Janakpuri

Every now and then, we all want to go out and celebrate with our family. It could be any small or big celebration or just spending time with our loved ones. And honestly, when it comes to having a good time, what could be better than enjoying a fine dining experience. Fine dining is one of the things we don’t choose often. But once you’ve got yourself this great food and indulged in an affair, there’s no need to look back! So, if you also want to visit a fine dining restaurant and give your family that subtle experience, you must try Kitchen District at Hyatt Centric Janakpuri!

Hyatt Centric Janakpuri, New Delhi is conveniently located – next to Janakpuri West metro and district centre. This prime location also connects the hotel’s travelers to the rest of Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), providing a launching pad for both leisure and business guests to explore popular hotspots and easy access to the major mall near the city.

The Kitchen District is located in the Hyatt Centric on the second floor of the hotel. As soon as you walk inside the place, the beautiful and intricate woodwork will amaze you. The dark colored marble and countertops fit in perfectly with the restaurant’s ambiance and ambiance. The quirky lights and view of the bustling Janakpuri market from the restaurant are definitely worth seeing. With this said, it goes without saying that the place is definitely Insta-worthy, and your amazing photos here will impress anyone!

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Coming to food, they have an array of North Indian, Mughlai, Chinese and even Japanese food. We recently got a taste of it here, and let us tell you, each of these dishes will make you drool. Especially the chef and his team kept the flavors of Delhi in mind and tried to bring out the taste of street style chaat. First, we had the Aloo Chaat and Raj Kachuri. Each of these dishes is decorated with fresh yoghurt and refreshing sauces! The Raj Kachuris was full of buds, which gave the dish the perfect balance.


Next, we tried the North Indian food menu. We were served paneer takas, chicken kebab, mutton skewer, chole bator, dal makhani, mix vegetable sabzi, shahi paneer and dal makani with naan and biryani! From the delicious North Indian section, we highly recommend you to try the biryani, mix veg and dal makhani.


Then, when coming to Chinese food, you can’t miss the Kerala-style chili paneer and Kolkata chowmein. Both of these meals had a wonderful taste that dazzled the lips.


In general, the ambiance, taste and ambiance in the kitchen area is simply wonderful. If you want to bring fun to your family, you must visit this restaurant!

Where: Kitchen Area, Hyatt Centric, Jankanburi

Cost for two: INR 2000

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