Active warrant for a man accused of stealing Aspen restaurants

A man is wanted for not appearing in court last week to answer accusations that he stole a luxury cigar and a bottle of wine from a liquor store in Aspen and refused to pay for two meals at a restaurant because he said one was tainted with pork and the other with hair.

Pitkin County Judge Ashley Andrews issued a warrant for Shaun Oyer’s arrest at the close of court hours on May 17 after he failed to appear at a case conference over a number of crimes he faces. The charges were recently combined into one case.

“I am concerned that there may be another robbery and I am really concerned that Mr. Auer will not appear in court,” Attorney General Wes Stokes said, noting that Auer’s criminal history includes shoplifting and robbery charges in New Mexico, where he also failed to conduct scheduled court hearings. . Stokes’ remarks came during last week’s court hearing where Auer did not attend.

Shawn Auer
Along Jailgoo County Pitkin

Oyer’s shipping documents state his current residence in Belleville, Illinois, and his age 48. He remained at large as of Monday, according to officials.

Recent dustings of Auer at local businesses are documented in police files.

• May 6 – Aspen police are called to 316 Steakhouse on East Hopkins Street to report a patron who was unhappy with his meal due to a lock of hair he claimed was in his food. The dinner, Auer, was for food containing hair but refused to pay for the rest of the meal, according to a police report.

“Auer vehemently refused to pay his bill and I explained to him that if he had a problem with the restaurant what avenues he could take, but he could not eat and drink and not pay his bill,” Officer Amanda Severin replied in a report. “Auer doesn’t seem to care. I asked him several times if he would pay the bill and Auer said he wouldn’t pay the bill and got caught.”

The police did so and took him to the Aspen Police Department and issued a subpoena for misdemeanor theft, read him his rights and instructed him not to return to the restaurant or face trespassing charges.

• May 13 – Shortly after 7 p.m., police arrest Auer at Red Mountain Grill at Aspen Golf Course after he allegedly refused to pay the bill for a meal he had eaten there earlier in the week. Auer was on the premises that day looking for rental clubs, and the management of Red Mountain Grill had kept his unpaid meal receipt from days earlier. When a manager confronted O’er about the receipt owed, O’er “became aggressive with the employees by yelling and cursing at them, standing up as if he was going to fight,” according to a police witness statement.

Police arrived and Auer denied any wrongdoing, according to a report from Officer Severin, who was cited a week ago in a hair-in-food dispute.

“I told Auer that he used to eat places and refused to pay,” Severin’s report on the May 13 incident said. “Auer yelled at me that Red Mountain Grill had poisoned him with serving pork.”

Auer had previously complained that restaurant staff had “poisoned” him because he was “100% Jewish” and could not eat pork.

The administration also said Auer was setting playing times for the course in the name of “Leo Christ” but did not keep his schedule.

Once again, the police took Auer to the downtown headquarters where he was called for misdemeanours of theft and disorderly conduct. Police also informed Oyer that he was an 86-year-old from Red Mountain Grill and Golf Club. Then he was released from custody.

• May 13 – Later that date, around 9:01 p.m., police received a call from The Aspen Store about a man who passed some energy drinks and was behaving aggressively towards the store clerk. Auer was not at the store at the time the police responded, but Officer Richie Zah had located him below the building in the dining area outside Mai Chola, according to a report from Officer Roderick O’Connor.

“I asked O’Connor, who was smoking a cigar, about his theft of drinks from an Aspen store, and the whereabouts of the bag he had taken,” O’Connor’s report said. “Auer wasn’t forthright about the bag, but he did mention that he was in Mee Chula to eat.”

However, O’Connor arrested Auer for theft after he found energy drinks in a bag that Auer left inside the restaurant. This was the second time on the same night that Auer was cited for the theft, but a ham meal and energy drinks weren’t all he allegedly ate.

Officer Severin, who also reported to Mi Chola, also found Auer in possession of one bottle of Opus One Cabernet priced at $389.99, along with four cigars worth $52.87. O’Connor reported that these items were pulled from the Local Spirits store next door to the Aspen Store.

Auer appeared to be consulted on May 14, but that was the last thing authorities had heard from him as of Monday.

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