Aldi launches two new summer-inspired iced coffee flavors you need to try

If you’ve ever wondered what summer tastes like in a mug, look into the refrigerated section at Aldi. The fan-favorite grocer is launching two new iced coffee flavors in stores, just perfect for a cup of iced coffee on the go this summer.

The Aldi fanaldifavoritefinds account discovered the store’s new iced coffee, revealing that the Barissimo Coffee brand sells two flavors of the seasonal cold brew – Cookies & Cream and S’mores. WL! Both iced coffees are available in half gallons. They’re made with real milk and cream, and each contains natural and artificial flavors. Aldi’s new Cookies and Cream Iced Coffee has just 180 calories per serving, while S’mores Iced Coffee has 200.

Shoppers can purchase a can of summer-inspired ice coffee at participating Aldi stores. Although not available for online purchase, you can add delicious seasonal drinks to your Aldi shopping list. Even if you want to make your own iced coffee at home, it may be worth using cookies and cream or S’mores iced coffee as an alternative to busy mornings, when there is no time to do it yourself.

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Aldi fans waste no time in acquiring these new flavors. “I’ve tried both!” Instagram user @sweatylaurenti wrote. “They are absolutely delicious. The cookies and cream were my favorite.” Others were quick to declare the S’mores family as their preference between the two. “Really good s’mores!” Instagram user @saralovesrainbowss said.

In addition to selling these good, crazy flavors of iced coffee, shoppers can also find other coffee essentials at the grocery store—like a $30 coffee maker that can replace your Keurig. But for now, all we can think of are the new summer iced coffee flavors!

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