Celebrate 10 years of California Avocado Month in June

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Ten years ago, the California Avocado Commission in June officially celebrated California Avocado Month and enthusiastically promotes this age-old tradition. As an ode to the past 10 years, the committee has enlisted the culinary talent of Southern California native, Chef Nisha Arrington, to create two delicious, seasonal recipes that feature prominently California Avocados, which are planted by about 3,000 California avocado growers in orchards from San Diego to Monterey.

“June is the heart of California avocado season when there is peak availability,” said Jean Deliser, UNHCR Vice President of Marketing. “We are proud that this is our 10th year of California Avocado Month and are working with Chef Arrington and others to help drive the increased avocado sales that accompany the season.”

By incorporating flavors and techniques from around the world, Chef Arrington has been able to create an unparalleled personal style, inspired by the art and her African American and Korean background. Arrington has also been celebrated throughout her career for using farm-fresh, locally sourced and responsibly sourced ingredients, making her the perfect partner for creating bespoke dishes for this festive anniversary.

It’s hard to narrow down recipes when California avocados have endless possibilities! However, I love when paired with complementing flavors. These California avocados definitely have their own characteristics by flattening any dish and giving an extra wow factor, making them an added success factor, Arrington said. A staple of the California chef.”

Inspired by the perfect way to pair with bountiful flavor and nutrition, Arrington has developed two new product-rich recipes featuring California avocados, perfect for the summer season.

10th Anniversary California Avocado Month, p.2

First, Arrington’s California Avocado Crab & Tuna Stack features a lovely layered pile of California avocado, crab, and tuna, which are combined with heirloom tomatoes, English cucumber, and spices. For a fresh and light salad that features summer produce, Arrington also prepared a grilled California salad with avocado and peaches. Layer grilled fruit on a bed of crunchy arugula and quinoa, then top with a delicious pistachio and watercress dressing.

In addition to consumer advertising and public relations activities, Commission activity in June will include email outreach to nearly 200,000 California avocado lovers as well as social media support. Dietitian activities promoting avocado nutrition information and featuring the California Avocado brand complete the program. Mascha Davis, MPH, RDN will have an Instagram Story with a free giveaway on her channel that will also feature her new recipe for Avocado Goat Cheese Truffle Pops. Manuel Villacorta, MS, RDN, created five delicious California avocado smoothie recipes. Across his YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels, Villacorta will be posting a series of three videos showing avocado juices and how they can be used as part of weight management.

California Avocado June retailer promotions include California Avocado Display Boxes, sales contests, digital ads, social media and more.

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