A Southern Utah family was injured by robbers during the rebuilding

ENOC, Utah – Hundreds of southern Utah residents were affected by flood events in 2021, and some are still rebuilding their homes today.

Samantha Palmer, her husband and two children flooded their home in Enoch in August last year.

“The fire department on that day, they condemned our house. Palmer, who has been displaced from her home for a few weeks, said.

While the family was trying to rebuild, they were recently robbed.

“My husband and I, my kids are connected here to the garage, sleeping. If they had knocked on my door and said, ‘Hey, we’re hungry, can you help us?’ I would have been heartbroken,” Palmer said.

On Monday, she entered her garage to find her freezer box was open, most of her frozen goods gone, the garage door back open, and evidence of theft left behind.

“There was also a barbecue on the floor right in front of my husband’s toolbox,” said Palmer, who estimates the amount of food taken at more than $500.

More than 10 packages of sausage, nearly 10 packages of pork chops, some frozen chicken, and more than 10 roasts were taken with other items, Palmer said.

While the food is replaceable, the way Palmer filled their storage bin involved a lot of love and care. The family owns a farm in the backyard where they raise animals, including pigs. The pigs were slaughtered and the pork was stored in a freezer box. The reason they cared so much about their food was partly due to their daughter.

“We raise pigs because they can’t eat beef or even get traces of beef. It makes them very sick,” said Palmer, whose daughter Gabby has a rare deficiency that doesn’t allow her to digest sugar and starch. “We have slowly healed her stomach and body over time, but unfortunately she is severely allergic to beef and milk.”

Samantha shared her recent theft in a social media post that has been shared hundreds of times. Their security camera didn’t catch anyone coming and going from their garage because one of the views was obscured. ENOC Police became aware of the situation and took a report of “theft and burglary”. If anyone has information, we encourage them to contact ENOC Police.

Palmer says she doesn’t want any handouts. She and her family have been through a lot in the past few years between floods and now this latest robbery.

I wish they would come to me first instead of stealing from me, my family and my children. I mean, I literally took six months off the dinner table, Palmer said. “There are terrible people in the world, like everyone who stole this, but there are 10 times as many amazing Kremlin people who are ready to help in any way they can.”

Oddly enough, Cedar City Police also received a tip-off from a resident stating that someone had stolen frozen goods from the refrigerator in a garage on Sunday as well. No other information is readily available.

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