Cold water dip, coffee tasting and flower crown making event on May 30

Calling all cold water swimmers! Coffee lovers! And the creators! (Both adults and children). Join us on Memorial Day morning, May 30th and start the holiday like never before. Two Maine mermaids host cold-water swims year-round, and for this New Moon we’re teaming up with Wicked Joe Coffee, and Merry Barn Writers’ Retreat to present a special Memorial Day event – coffee tasting, flower crown making, and Coldwater Swimming!

Coffee and Crowns tickets: $45, *Coldwater Dip, free

First, the coffee! (for older children), 8:30 a.m., Mary Barn, 417 River Road, Edgecombe.

Kari Guddeck, Quality Manager at Wicked Joe, and fellow cold water aficionado will lead us into a coffee tasting, for coffees of different origins and different roasting levels. To accompany the tasting, you are invited to take part in a small friendly competition for coffee cake. Bring the best coffee cake – whether you’re testing a recipe or just excited to throw something together on a whim! We’ll try the cupcakes, vote for our favourites, and the winner will receive a Wicked Joe’s gift basket! Not in the mood to cook? Come for a taste, and help vote.

Then, crowns! (For both adults and children). We’ll lead you through making a magical flower crown, with handmade crown bases, fresh spring blossoms and fairy lights! These crowns will be the success of your holiday party, and can be freshened up with new blooms all season long. And they will perfectly make an accessory for diving into cold water …

Finally, swim! (Everyone is invited). We’ll wrap up our time together with a dip in our flower crowns at Barrett’s Park in Boothbay Harbor at 10:30 a.m. All are welcome for this part of the event.

A response to the invitation to attend and register for Coffee and Crowns is required by contacting:

To join just for a swim, meet at Barretts Park at 10:30 a.m. See you all soon!

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