Learn how to make Singaporean noodles, cashew chicken and vegetables

Chef and cookbook author Grace Young visits today to prepare four incredibly easy and delicious recipes inspired by her culinary roots. From the irresistible chicken dish she learned how to make from her dad to the star of Singapore’s street food scene, these meals are packed with flavour, healthy and simple to add to your weekly meal plan. It also prepares 15-minute fried rice and veggies fast enough to enjoy on any busy evening but tasty enough to impress your dinner guests.

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Grace Young’s Singapore Noodles

In Singapore, this is one of the best street food you can enjoy. It’s packed with the flavor of soy sauce, fresh ginger, vegetables, grilled Asian pork, and broth mixed with rice vermicelli noodles. The best part is that it is easy to do at home.

Cashew Chicken by Grace Young

When I was writing The Wisdom of Chinese Cuisine, cashew chicken was one of the first recipes I asked my father to teach me because it was so exceptional. The quick frying of this recipe always makes me think of it, and once you get the hang of the (easy to master) technique, this will definitely become a frequent option for dinner. The combination of garlic and ginger always makes a dish sparkle with flavor, and when paired with earthy shiitake mushrooms, tender chicken pieces, and buttered cashews, it’s unstoppable.

Vegetable Lo Min from Grace Young

This is a one-pot vegetarian meal. Mushrooms add texture and “meaty” flavor. I like to vary the vegetables for each season at the time, this dish is nutritious and delicious whether it’s winter or summer. In the warmer months, I’ll add fresh sweet peppers and thinly sliced ​​zucchini, but this basic recipe includes everything you need to make a perfectly heavenly piece of bell pepper from scratch.

Yang Chao Fried Rice Grace Young

When I’m pressed for time, fried rice is my go-to recipe for one quick meal. It is very fast because there is no preset. It’s also very healthy because there is so little oil – each serving contains only 2 teaspoons of oil. But with some shrimp, baby ham, peas (an easy fix from the freezer), green onions and seasoning, it’s ready in just over 15 minutes.

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