Samuel Deeley, Schulson’s new Jewish deli, to open in June


Samuel’s Deli will open in Sansom between 15th and 16th Streets sometime in June of this year.

Image courtesy of the Schulson Group

Schulson Collective is installing a new operation on the ground floor of their Giuseppe & Sons space at 1523 Sansom Street.

If it’s been a while since I’ve been there, Giuseppe works in the basement from 1523. It’s a luxurious, beautiful cellar full of Italian food, but the ground floor – the part you see when you first arrive from a street – has struggled to find an identity. It’s been a kind of delicious Italian food and dessert for a while. I’ve served up a little pizza – all under the G&S banner.

Now, though, this space has become a completely separate thing. In June, Schulson will open Samuel’s Deli, a traditional Jewish restaurant named after his grandfather who owned a kosher butcher shop. Just a matzo ball away from Schlesinger, Samuel’s Deli is a bold one – but exciting nonetheless for anyone who loves pickles and beef.

Samuel’s Deli will be led by baker Nick Brannon (Parc’s baker) and pastry chef Abby Dahan (Longtime Pastry Chef at Parc and the brains behind Bake School). The team already pulled their first pop-up, selling out bundles of halva as well as pecans and apricot rugelach for pickup last Friday. In case you missed it, there are more popups running.

The official opening should happen sometime in June (looks like they’re still in the process of hiring staff and a general manager). Samuel’s will serve up delicious food: in-house made with pumpernickel and rye, black and white cookies, white fish and gravlax salad, smoked pastrami, and hammantachin. It will be open for lunch and dinner, as well as takeaway ordering. Keep an eye on the space (and check out the next popup) on Samuel’s Deli’s Instagram.

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