Talk about coffee (and more) with Talk Coffee to Me

You may have seen her contribution at places like Harold’s Cabin on the Peninsula or Lodi Coffee in North Charleston, but Brianna Berry, aka Talk Coffee To Me, knows a thing or two about coffee.

Berry specializes in coffee consulting and education with Talk Coffee to Me, a consulting business that helps emerging coffee shops with everything from barista training to operating equipment to menu development.

Coffee is more than just a cup you drink every morning (or night, for night owls). There is a huge chain of events required to get to the end product of your morning swings. It’s a process that Berry loved during a trip to Honduras in 2010 where she studied coffee from its origins – from the cultivation of the plant to its arrival in a cup of espresso. “She was more interested and excited to continue it,” she said upon her return. Quite simply, it was the amount of hard work that goes into the product that drove me.

“With coffee, for example, just seeing how many hands have touched the product and how complex it is, how little we appreciate something we don’t know about,” she added. “I think this has translated into many products, and the realization that the more you look at something, the more you know about making it – that’s what prompted me to investigate.”

Since returning from Honduras, Perry has spent time studying crafts, equipment, and assets on her own, working for Pure Intentions Coffee in Charlotte, North Carolina—which was working out of a garage at the time—and doing some training on her own, including teaching industry experts Coffee and the help of cafe owners “from the ground up”.

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