The iconic Wildwood Boardwalk on Route 66 is for sale

Elvis and Betty Boop have been hanging there for years. Well, their statues, anyway.

Now’s your chance to own the memorabilia, business, and equipment that make up Route 66 Restaurant & Pizza on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Yes, even the iconic 1932 Hot Rod on the roof can be yours. But the building and the property are not part of the package.

The business is listed at a asking price of US$180,000 and was first reported by

Current owner Dino Pirelli, who has run the company for about 15 years, says he’s ready to retire after 32 years in the foodservice industry.

“I want to enjoy myself and spend time with my wife,” he said. “I haven’t seen summer all the time. I want to be at the beach every once in a while.”

The business is located near the center of the lane and next to Morey Pierre and other entertainments.

The 140-seat building is located in the middle of Wildwood Trail, near Morey Pier.

“It’s very unusual and rare to come in because it’s in such a great location, and as such, places like this don’t come into the market very often,” said Realtor Bojedar “Bob” Dimitrov of Coastline Realty. “People don’t move when they have something developed that they can make a living on.

“It’s a good opportunity.”

The business has a full-service kitchen that can serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 140-seat institution is a turnkey business. They are leased for $78,000 per year and remain 2022 and 2023 on lease, with an option to extend for 5 years.

Doo-wop-era décor includes red, white, and black checkered floors, red booths, cars, motorcycles, records, and other nods to popular culture.

“Everyone knows who we are,” Pirelli said. “I have great food, but they are people. That’s it.

“You meet every kind of person you can meet from all different countries. It is a resort area, so a lot of people come here.”

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