The strange item that Kate Middleton hid in her bag in front of the Queen

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  • Kate Middleton once tried to hide this strange element in her designer handbag in an effort to impress the Queen and avoid embarrassment.

    While the Queen delighted fans by attending the 2022 Chelsea Flower Show in a luxury carriage due to her mobility issues, it was reported that Kate suffered a bug at the same event a few years ago.

    At the iconic show in 2019, Kate actually designed her very own garden, called back to nature‘And he was very anxious to get the Queen’s approval.

    So much so that she’s been seen arranging the garden herself before Her Majesty arrives to have a look.

    “But before Her Majesty’s arrival, Kate was apparently nervous, eager to impress and rushed around the garden to tidy it up,” the post read.

    Not only that, but the attendees saw her stuffing loose twigs and leaves into her handbag designed to make sure they were clean before the king looked around.

    She didn’t need to worry, as royal author Andrew Morton revealed that Kate did indeed have the Queen’s approval. In fact, she’s had it from the moment she married Prince William, as Queen Kate “impressed” her “real” love for him rather than his title.

    The Queen has shown her confidence in Kate time and time again, as she, son Prince Edward and wife Sophie Wessex step in for this year’s Buckingham Palace garden parties. Sadly the Queen will miss them all.

    It was also reported that Kate was very ‘ready’ for her ‘royal destiny’ as she radiated confidence during solo engagements and events.

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