Juice news: Harrisburg residents open downtown juice bar, promoting healthy eating

Owners Brianna and Anthony Graham of Midtown Juice Lab

After Harrisburg residents, Brianna and Anthony Graham, contracted the COVID virus at the start of the pandemic, they began looking for natural ways to stay healthy.

It was around that time that they were introduced to the juice and began to learn about its health benefits.

“If you drink a smoothie full of fruits and vegetables, you can feel the light work on your body,” Anthony said. “It will keep you comfortable all day long. You can feel the difference.”

Al Graham hopes to share their love of healthy, natural eating at their new Harrisburg store, Midtown Juice Lab, which they plan to open on June 25.

– Juice shop located in 1426 Northresearch and development St. will open. Suite 130 stores the former House of Vegans restaurant operating until last year’s closure.

Brianna and Anthony previously partnered with John Roman to open Fresh Pressed HBG, a juice bar in downtown Harrisburg. However, the couple wanted to venture and start their own business.

Midtown Juice Lab will offer a variety of juices, smoothies and acai bowls made with fruits and vegetables. They will also carry a small selection of rolls and avocado toast.

“We really need more healthy options in Harrisburg,” Brianna said.

According to Anthony, all juices can be used as a detox, and each targets a different area or condition within the body. Some may help with diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma, among others. Anthony creates most of the concoctions himself.

For those who might be hesitant to try a juice or smoothie filled with vegetables, the couple will assure you that you won’t taste the vegetables in the drink. They explained that it’s actually a great way for people who don’t enjoy vegetables to include them in their diet.

Plus, all Midtown Juice Lab products will use natural sweeteners, so there’s no sugar, but it’s still sweet, Anthony said.

The Midtown Store will have limited indoor and outdoor seating. Graham hopes it will be a welcoming atmosphere to the community.

“We’re excited,” Anthony said. “It would be good to do a good job for the area.”

For more information on Midtown Juice Lab, visit their Instagram page.

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