The best new London restaurants will open in summer 2022

As spring moves into summer, the restaurant opening cycle continues to return to sort of normal — although what was under pressure from COVID-19 now faces rising costs, inflation and an ongoing staffing problem.

There are some openings, however, and among the highlights: a pan-African restaurant that aims to reshape expectations; The return of one of the quietest cafés in the city; And a second opening for some of the most exciting veggie cooking in town. It’s all here.

Here are the top six expected summer slots in London.

Nkatikwan, peanut soup, with omo tu, mashed rice ball, center, topped with black bean seeds. It is being presented at Tatale, coming in July.
Cyril Sukbor

Tabuk: 66 Great Suffolk Street, Southwark SE1 0BL
Key people: Aquasi Brenia Mensa.
what are you expecting: A self-conscious African restaurant, designed to spark conversation and cross-pollination between different cultural specialties.
Expected opening: July 14, 2022

Hummus at Bhopala in Shoreditch

The famous hummus bubala at his original restaurant in Shoreditch.

Tabuk: 15 Poland Street, Soho W1F 8QE
Key people: Helen Graham and Mark Summers.
what are you expecting: Following on from a loose-fitting Sephardi vegetarian restaurant in Spitalfields, he prepares his hero dishes and adds Japanese grill.
Expected opening: Summer 2022

Chicken burger Mapo Sichuan Fry

Mapo chicken burger from Sichuan Fry Test Kitchen.
Sichuan Fry

Tabuk: 2 Westgate Street, London Fields E8 3RN
Key people: Jun Wei Lee.
what are you expecting: The first full-fledged restaurant of one of London’s most iconic foods, with Szechuan fried chicken on the ground floor and unique Xinjianbao pork soup dumplings downstairs. Hackney be ready.
Expected opening: August 2022

The outside of a Black Swan coffee, with a slot for serving coffee and cake.

Original Black Swan coffee is also found in Bermondsey.
black Swan

Tabuk: Unit A1, Swan Court, 9 Tanner Street, Bermondsey SE1 3LE
Key people: Currently the Black Swan Cafe is closed, and the Little Bread Pedlar Bakery.
what are you expecting: Great minds meet in the square of coffee, pastry and restaurants, for an all-day space that brings to life one of the city’s staple cafés.
Expected opening: Summer 2022

Making pasta and ombra

Pasta production in Ombra, which will be the cornerstone of Forno when it opens.
Michael Protein

Tabuk: Wiener Street, Hackney E2 9DG
Key people: Mitchell Ibrahim is the owner of the original restaurant, Umbra & Co.
what are you expecting: A pasta and charcuterie production site that will be open to the public for Romanian pastries, soups and pizzas, similar to the London Fields favorite E5 Bakehouse. A long time coming, Furno is Abraham’s predatory child and everything so far indicates that he’s nailed to becoming a Londoner. Third Favorite Italian restaurant.
Expected opening: Summer 2022

Fish curry and roti paratha on a green plate at Hawker's Kitchen at Kings Cross

Fish Curry and Roti Paratha in Hooker’s Kitchen.
Adam Coughlan

Tabuk: TBD, Caledonian Road
Key people: Hooker Kitchen Team.
what are you expecting: Expansion of one of London’s best new specialists in roti, curry and pasta. This time, the group that has taken over the city, thanks in large part to documenting the obsessive roti prata by Jonathan Nunn of Vittles, will have more seats for customers to occupy; The two locations located – at King’s Cross and Brick Lane – focus on delivery as much as they do on dining.
Expected opening: Summer 2022

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