Where to find food trucks in downtown Belfast this summer

Belfast, Maine – From Jamaican specialties to gourmet sausages, from lobster rolls to ice cream cones, the food truck scene this summer in Belfast is vast.

The often brightly colored trucks – and one fast food joint on the waterfront – are an inviting spot for lunch or a treat. Then, with your hands full of delicious takeaway, it’s easy to find a relaxing place to stroll on the city’s waterfront and enjoy the summer weather while you dine.

Here’s the city’s current crop of downtown food trucks and where to find them.

Jamaican Laundry

It is located along the Belfast Harbor Walk behind the Front Street Pub.

Hours of Operation: 11 AM – 8 PM Wednesday – Sunday.

Jamaica Grill Network began its life nearly 20 years ago as a food truck painted in the red, yellow and green rasta colors that smeared jerk chicken and other delicacies around Belfast. Owner Jason Lublin, 38, had a 14-year layoff before opening in the middle of last summer behind the Front Street Pub.

He knows Jamaican food because his family lives on the Caribbean island part of the year, and it’s important to him to get the flavors right.

“Jamaica is the first place I learned to cook,” he said.

Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica. He said it derives from cooking in the pit, and one of its characteristics is that the meat is cooked until it is so tender that it falls off the bone. It’s also smoky and spicy, thanks to Scottish pepper being a seasoning ingredient with salt and fresh thyme.

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