A Colorado restaurant totally disrespects lightning

The Stanley Cup Final begins on Wednesday, and a Colorado-based dining establishment is working to make sure the hatred for the other party is in full display.

West of Surrender Saloon & Kitchen, a downtown Denver eatery, taped the Tampa Bay Lightning jersey to a handy spot before the team faced off against hometown Colorado Avalanche for the NHL title. The shirt is now used as a doormat and customers are encouraged to “wipe their feet please” before sitting down to a delicious meal.

Just as the avalanche did in the first three rounds, people can now walk all over their competition. Whether it’s seen as a hilarious opportunity to get some team spirit or it’s seen as bear hunting down, everyone has to admit that it’s a clever way to disrespect an upcoming opponent.

The Colorado post-season race began with a four-game sweep for the Nashville Predators that showed the team might finally have gotten over the hump after years of frustration. Avalanche then took care of the St. Louis Blues in the second round before doing an easy job for the Edmonton Oilers in another sweep in the Western Conference final.

Unfortunately for Denver residents, their hometown club now faces a Lightning exit from back-to-back Cups. The Lightning team is looking to establish themselves as a hockey dynasty led by top goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevsky.

A Colorado restaurant showed some vile behavior before the Stanley Cup final. (Image via @jayRecher/Twitter)

The upcoming series will be a vortex between two of the most talented teams imaginable in the modern game, and if it takes a simple swipe of the boot to piss off someone else for the best hockey team Final Cup that hockey fans have seen on paper in a while. , if not so.

Game 1 begins between avalanche and lightning Wednesday at 8:00 PM ET.

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