Ajinomoto on reducing sodium, Kirin on the pure alcohol label, integrated farming in cultured meat innovation and more

Taking Back Control: Food Companies’ Responsibility to Meet Taste Expectations for Low-Sodium Foods – Ajinomoto

Consumers are willing to switch to low-sodium foods in order to reap the health benefits, but with the caveat that they should taste good, according to new data from MSG giant Ajinomoto.

The Ajinomoto Study of Sodium Alternatives and Long-Term Solutions (SALTS) revealed that consumers may understand that excessive sodium consumption will lead to health problems, but they also believe that the onus is on food companies to come up with solutions to the problem of excessive consumption, and are unwilling or unable to do so. do so independently.

“People know that excessive sodium intake is bad for an individual’s health at any age, but they don’t see it as a concern that affects them personally,” he said. [and] The numbers show this,”study researchers said.

Labeling of pure alcohol in Japan: a voluntary scheme to be facilitated to avoid environmental impacts and costs – Kirin

Japanese companies will gradually introduce a new voluntary labeling scheme for pure alcohol to avoid cost and environmental impacts, according to beer giant Kirin.

The Japanese government approved the pure alcohol labeling scheme as part of the National Basic Plan to Strengthen Measures to Deal with Alcohol Disorders (Phase 2) in March 2021, which calls for alcoholic beverage labels to replace ABV alcohol percentages (%) with pure alcohol content (g) .

So far, this scheme is voluntary for the industry, but many companies have already expressed a willingness to participate and implement it according to government recommendations, as is common in Japan when announcing a proposed directive or national plan.

“The Cabinet’s approval of this scheme has accelerated Kirin’s consideration of this scheme, and although the net alcohol rating is only an obligation on the company [and not a policy regulation] At this point, Kirin believes this is part of our social responsibility,” Kirin Holdings Director of Communications, Naoto Kubuna, said FoodNavigator- Asia.

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