Here’s what you need to know for opening Thursday

It would be a bar cut like no other.

On Thursday afternoon, the CEO of the world’s largest Italian food store will cut the grand opening bar – made of pasta, of course – and open the doors of Eataly Silicon Valley to what potentially hundreds of Italophiles fans line up at the Westfield Valley Fair.

Inside this three-story, 45,000-square-foot culinary mansion, shoppers and shoppers will find a market of 10,000 fresh and canned foods (pasta, cheese, salumi, olive oil, sauces, gelato, wine, espresso, and more); meat, seafood and produce counters; Two restaurants, several cafes, tables and bakeries. and a wine shop with 1,200 bottles and a tasting room.

It’s Northern California’s first Italian and retail coup for the Santa Clara/San Jose Mall, which is close to completing a billion-dollar expansion.

Italy was founded in Turin, Italy in 2007 by Oscar Farinetti, who first made his name with a chain of consumer electronics stores before taking inspiration from the markets of Istanbul, London and Barcelona to turn to food. He originally planned to call the project “Eat Italy”, and then decided to go with a portmanteau. He and his son Nicola, now CEO, have spread the joy of Italian cooking and dining globally, with 41 locations around the world. This is the eighth in the United States.

The Market Hall’s “Shop, Eat, Learn” concept informs offerings and planning. Open kitchens and “production labs” abound. Each dish consists of ingredients that can be purchased on site to enjoy at home. Coming soon: cooking classes and specialty dinners.

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