Lake County Mobile Food Pantry keeps seniors full

CLEVELAND – Kristen Kahn said volunteering means a lot.

What you need to know

  • Kristen Kane said volunteering means a lot
  • She, other volunteers, LaCitran staff, and more distribute food boxes weekly from the Lake County Mobile Food Pantry.
  • Weekly distributions are made possible by the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Lactran, Senior Lake District Commissioners Services, Aging and Lifeline Board
  • Feeding America reports that in 2020, The State of Older People’s Hunger revealed that 5.2 million older adults, or 1 in 15, were food insecure that year.

“It’s a great joy,” she said. “I see a lot of senior volunteers here. You can connect with seniors who are really isolated and love to chat and they are very grateful.”

She said that’s why she and other volunteers,[ليكتران]Employees and more distribute food boxes weekly from Lake County’s mobile food store.

“It all started during the pandemic when we all knew that older people were too afraid to go to the grocery store,” she said. “We wanted to make sure that they had access to fresh produce and would still be able to lead healthy lives and have healthy food options.”

Weekly distributions are made possible through the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, LakeTran, Senior Services of the Lake County Commissioners and the Aging and Lifeline Board.

While the pandemic has evolved, food insecurity remains a significant problem, said Ben Capel, CEO of Lactran.

Feeding America In 2020, the State of Great Hunger report found that 5.2 million older adults were food insecure that year. That’s one in 15.

“It could mean that you cannot buy food or in the case of COVID, it could mean that you may not be able to access food,” he said. “So it’s not just about the money. In some cases, it’s about how do we actually get food?”

Kasab said the high cost of food and fuel has driven an increase in demand for the weekly distributions.

“Knowing that there is a lot of distance between Madison and Wycliffe and we may be missing out on seniors who can really benefit from the service,” she said. “Now, we’re in all of these areas of the county.”

Cane said Lake County residents age 60 and older may register for one pickup per month. This can be done by calling Lifeline at 2-1-1 or the Lake County Board of Aging at 8111-205-440.

Seniors who would like to arrange a product pick-up can call Keetran at 440-354-6100.

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