Post Malone credits his fiancée with saving his life during a ‘really tough’ battle with alcohol

Post Malone You should thank his fiancée for getting him back on track and making him the man and father he is today.

The musician appeared in Howard Stern Show This week where he revealed that he not only welcomed the baby girl but also recently got engaged. Although he hasn’t revealed the name of his future wife yet, Post said she’s the reason he struggles with his alcohol dependence. While he’s not fully alert, he said he’s “in charge now.” When asked how he was able to moderate his consumption, the “Better Now” singer replied, “It got to a terrible point. It was a really tough point and I couldn’t get off the ground for weeks. This is where a lot of the inspiration for the album comes from, but I don’t I want… I never want to disappoint people. I just want to express how I feel.”

strict He then asks what he was drinking and Post admitted that his favorite drink is a screwdriver, a cocktail made of orange juice and vodka. He continued, “It was vodka, and the body was a fifth and trying to stay there and talking to people who didn’t have sex there and trying to say, ‘Help me. can you help me? “

The radio host went and asked if the musician had requested professional help for his drinking or came up with the reason behind it, he replied, “No sir, I never had help with that. I just have great people around me, and I met a really beautiful person who made me feel like a human being.” Once again,” referring to his fiancée. He added, “A lot of times, whenever you’re looking for help or even subconsciously asking for help, the warning is always heartbreaking. It’s just, ‘Oh damn, what am I doing?’ Damn. It’s so epic.”

The post is also marked Justin Beiber As one of the people in his life he made a positive impact and helped him realize that he was drinking a lot. “There was a time where I had a lot of guidance and Justin was guiding me…but at the end of the day I had to do what I wanted to do, and that’s what I’d do. I don’t listen to anyone. That’s what I’m working on now is a problem telling me what It needs to be done,” admitted to Stern. Post added, “People can look at you from the outside and see that something is wrong, and you could be trapped in your fucking world. It’s a matter of opening up and I need to talk a lot and listen more. I’m 26 and I’m learning every fucking day.” He also revealed that his drinking was partly to cope with low self-esteem and simply because he was “not happy with who I am”. The singer concluded by saying, “Now I just want to be better every day. All we can do is not be an idiot, that is the golden rule.”

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