3 Foods That Look Healthy Actually Aren’t

The next time you order food online, make sure your grocery list does not contain these foods.

Yogurt, energy bars, baked chips, and pasta made with whole wheat flour sound healthy, right? Unfortunately, they are not. Many companies today have made buzzwords like “all natural,” “gluten-free,” “low-calorie,” and “fat-free” very popular. However, people need to understand that these are ways to get their attention because buying healthy and nutritious food doesn’t just mean that you need to buy expensive packaged foods or ultra-processed foods. Eating healthy, natural foods helps improve your overall health, build your physical health or sharpen your mind. Dr. Ratnaraji Krishna Thar, Senior Dietitian at Connect and Heal, says that next time you visit a supermarket or order food online, make sure your grocery list does not contain these foods.

Read your multigrain bread label

Multigrain bread is often a healthy alternative to regular refined wheat flour. However, please read the ingredients label as you may find a high percentage of unbleached wheat flour or a blend of refined flours to bind the grains together, which does not add to the health factor. Also, one should avoid bread that has the word “fortified” in the ingredients list. The term indicates that the grains have been stripped of their nutrients during processing and added back to make up for the deficiency. Instead, choose bread that lists whole grains, such as whole wheat and millet, as the first ingredient.

Switch to natural drinks from packaged energy drinks

If you exercise regularly or indulge in intense physical activities daily, you can consider consuming energy drinks to replace lost electrolytes. However, these drinks will add to the calories taken considering their high sugar content. Your best bet here is to take simple water or coconut water, lemon water, yoghurt, fresh herbs and spices infused with water or even our traditional kada as it will not only quench your thirst healthily but also avoid unnecessary calories which can have a severe impact on your health.

Be careful while eating cherries and apricots

We love cherries and apricots raw, cooked, or in a pie. Sometimes we just can’t stop and can eat a box full of them. So it is surprising to find that it can be life-threatening. The stones contained in cherries and apricots are poisonous, so one should beware of chewing them while eating the fruit. If the stone is chewed, crushed and swallowed, it produces hydrogen cyanide, which can be very harmful. This can cause headache, dizziness, confusion, vomiting, and severe threats such as high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, and kidney failure.


To eat healthy, one does not need things that come in fancy packages. Instead, one should stick to local vegetables and fruits and consume them in their purest form. Just by keeping this in mind, one can achieve health goals that will keep them fit and happy! Innovative diets and expert lifestyle advice shouldn’t be the Holy Grail when it comes to nutrition. Instead, consult a qualified nutritionist to understand what’s best for your body and health.

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