Check your kitchen for those coffee cups that can burn you

If you’ve purchased or received new coffee cups in the past few years, it’s best to check if the 15-ounce models are from Moderne Glass Company. The company has issued a recall for a type of coffee cup that can crack or break when in contact with hot water. As a result, coffee aficionados who use these cups may suffer accidental burn injuries. Cups can break while hot liquid is poured into them, increasing the risk of injury.

Summon a modern coffee cup

The Moderne Glass Company announced a coffee cup recall in mid-May. The company received six reports of cups cracking after hot water was poured into them. Fortunately, there were no injuries associated with these accidents. A full refund announcement is available at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – see this link.

The ceramic coffee cups in the recall are black on the outside and white on the inside, as shown in the following photo. They are 4 inches long, 3 inches wide and have the model number “71500-White” on the bottom. This model number will help you determine if modern coffee mugs you may own are part of the recall.

Moderne mugs were available as promotional items with company names printed on them. Therefore, the mugs you may own may differ slightly from those in the following image.

The company sold the mugs for about $4. It was available online at from February 2021 through February 2022.

Recall Moderne Glass Company coffee mug: defective product photo. Image source: Moderne via CPSC

what should you do

If you purchased Moderne recall coffee cups or received them as gifts, you should stop using them immediately. Cups can crack or break while hot liquid is poured into them. Therefore, there is no way to prevent an unfortunate accident.

Moderne doesn’t explain why cups crack or break in contact with hot water. Possibly a manufacturing issue that affects the durability of these ceramic mugs. This means that you cannot repair defective mugs by yourself.

While you can still use cups for liquids at room temperature, you should not risk taking them in your home. People unaware of the cup may use it to drink coffee or other hot beverage.

Moderne advises customers who own these coffee cups to contact the company to arrange a full refund. The company is already communicating with all known buyers directly. You’ll find Moderne’s full contact information and more details about the coffee cup recall in the CPSC press release.

Speaking of burn risks, you should be aware of some recently recalled products that have caused accidental burns. The Fitbit Ionic recall and the recall of the Olight lamp are two such examples.

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