Mumbai’s newest Neuma offers a complete food, beverage and hospitality experience

Contrary to the reviews the place gets, I was surprised by the warm welcome I received at Neuma.

Their bar manager Gunjan Pal tells you about the history behind their signature Fish House Milk Punch cocktail. “The Milk Punch was first created in Philadelphia when the club first allowed women in. This was their welcome drink. We used the base of that recipe to create our own concoction,” he says. The punch left a smooth aftertaste in the palate.

Shrimp grilled on the flame

The extensive menu includes salads, small plates, flatbread with toppings, pasta, risotto and main dishes! Perhaps the best part is the fact that there is a special vegetarian menu and vegetarians have enough options as well.

The cuisine here is basically a Mediterranean-inspired fusion. Chef Abinav Sharma tells that the summary was “full plates”. “Our goal was to come up with something innovative, but make sure all the dishes are more filling than anywhere else…” And one must agree. Even small plates are loaded, and the tubes are big enough for two, although it’s supposed to be a plated portion for one.

Lamb banana with saffron risotto

Vegetarians should definitely try the avocado mousse served with green pea falafel. The texture of the mousse is just right, and the chef’s touch of lemon juice enhances the taste. Baked brie cheese coated in a thin layer of phyllo dough is also a delicious option. Brie cheese is later covered with Parmesan cheese and finished with a drizzle of honey. The Potato Boulangere is uniquely complemented by homemade smoked chives and tomato ketchup. Layers of baked potatoes are kept under pressure for over 12 hours before they are cut into cakes and fried.

Avocado mousse with falafel and peas

Also, you should try the home baked bread served with truffle butter and tapenade olives. The truffle taste is subtle enough to give you a truffle but not overpowering it. Precision is the key factor for most dishes. You will find that in Tamarind Quinoa, it is served with grilled scallops soaked in Moilee coconut and garnished with curry leaves as well. Quinoa, cooked in a tamarind paste, proves to be the perfect companion to these scallops as the tamarind adds zest but doesn’t overpower it. Serve grilled shrimp on a bed of lettuce along with sago biscuits for a crunchy meal.

Harissa Cauliflower – Cauliflower marinated in harissa sauce and grilled and served with couscous tabbouleh on a bed of yogurt and tahini sauce. Even non-vegetarian eaters can be impressed by the variety of this dish. Lamb Shank is served on a bed of saffron risotto. The meat is tender and the accompanying risotto is tender again, with sauerkraut giving the sour taste. Grilled salmon served with black rice, lemongrass, coconut and edamame is the perfect choice for fish lovers.

Pappardelle with garlic and oil

Neuma makes pasta at home. Pappardelle Aglio Olio is a good choice for vegetarians. The pasta is thin and delicious.

Don’t give up on sweets. It’s a tough choice between Vodka Vanilla Panacotta with raspberry sorbet and Sticky Toffee Pudding. If you have an appetite for food and you are a group or couple, order and share it together. The pudding swims in an array of delicious custard filled with tofu and dates. Panacotta and Sorbet are served on a bed of berry compote – a delicious and hearty combination. Each of these desserts is an explosion of flavors. Chocolate cheesecake can be avoided.

The Rose Bar in Neuma has an extensive list of cocktails and wines. The bar manager, staff and chef are all polite and helpful.

Ask for Chef or Sam before ordering. They will guide you according to your appetite and taste.

Average price for two: 4,500 rupees (including alcohol; excluding taxes)

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