Garbo’s Fresh Maine Lobster is located in downtown Austin with a new restaurant

With the wave of incoming and outgoing restaurants constantly changing, Austin seafood lovers will be happy to hear that Cape Cod-inspired Garbo’s is laying anchor in downtown Austin. Coming to 626 North Lamar Blvd. (Near Amy’s Ice Creams, where Counter Café used to be), Garbo’s On Lamar is expected to open in September 2022.

But downtown goers won’t have to wait until September to get their claws on fresh seafood. Starting June 30, Garbo’s Fresh Maine Lobster will have a food trailer on site Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This isn’t the restaurant’s first foray into the food truck business — in fact, that’s exactly how it started. After a series of other food truck assignments, pop-ups, the restaurant currently operates one flagship restaurant located in North Mopac.

“This year, we set out to find the perfect spot for another one of our sister’s beloved lobster shacks,” said Samantha Garbo, general manager of Lamar Sites, sister of owner Heidi Garbo, and daughter of a Connecticut lobsterman. “When the old Counter Cafe space at 626 North Lamar became available, we were thrilled to move on and look forward to honoring the iconic venue while continuing to revamp its look.”

Garbo’s offers Maine and Connecticut-style lobster rolls, the first being cooled with mayonnaise and celery, and the second with warm butter. If New England is your thing more than lobster, there are burgers, spicy shrimp rolls, and Cobb salads. (You can add lobsters if you can’t give it up and are willing to pay $24 or more for a burger.)

When it opens this fall, Garbo’s On Lamar will operate brick-and-mortar with a “limited” menu as well as beer, wine, and other beverages, though it doesn’t look at all limited even compared to the long list of offerings at the North Austin location. The new location will eliminate crab cakes, crab and fried fish rolls, and “more,” the release guarantees, with a kids’ menu and grocery packages including takeaways like refrigerated lobsters, shrimp cocktail, and clam soup. It will only have 10 seats inside, and 10 outside, but there will be service windows for takeout orders.

Most of Garbo’s expansions occurred after the onset of the pandemic, making this opening another milestone in the list of particularly uncertain business ventures, which Austinians greeted with enthusiastic comments and open claws…ah, arms. More information, including the food truck schedule, is available at

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