Help my grandchildren on their summer food journey

Our grandchildren, Naismith and Nelson Raynes visit us in the summer and one day Naismith was watching the Cardinals’ game. Watch a commercial about a boy who came home and opened the fridge and there was no food in it. He turned to us and asked, “Is that true? Are there really kids who don’t have any snacks in their kitchens to eat after school?” We told him the unfortunate truth and he said, “We have to help this little kid.”

So we went to the local Fred Mayer in Boise, Idaho where they lived and bought some food to take to the local food bank. We weren’t sure if the ad was local to them or a St. Louis outlet since we were watching Bally stream the game while they were visiting this spring, but he went to the food bank and met the people who worked there, and it sounded interesting.

Once they arrived in St. Louis to visit their grandparents, it re-emerged and quickly became a “summer enterprise”. Involve the neighbors and decorate some boxes. When I saw how hard their work was—the older, Naismith working a little harder than the younger, Nelson who was basically offering his smiles and support—Sally and I thought we’d get involved and ask our readers if they’d like it to help.

Here’s a little video we put together about the food drive:

The food will go to two places: 1) The St. Louis area food bank 2) Afton Food Pantry.

If you’d like to join us and donate a box or two (or bag) – the folks at Norrenbern’s Lumber and Hardware were so generous to be your drop off point. Easy to get to – if you know where the Afton Sports Association back fields are, you’ve seen Nornbirn across the street. It’s off the Tyson Ferry in Afton.

Nornbirns Wood & Hardware

10500 T-shirt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63123

While you’re in Norrenberns, check out their shop. Next time you need any type of wood – remember it. It’s a family owned business and it couldn’t be nicer. Everyone out there is willing to help you with a job, no matter how big or small.

Thanks to all who joined this project.

This project is consistent with our slogan found on the “About Us” page of this site:

Remember: The last day of Food Drive is Friday, July 1, 2020.

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