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MAXATAWNY TWP. , Pa. A proposal to add a discount tire store in the yard of Giant Supermarket on Kutztown Road has been approved by the Town Planning Commission.

A longtime favorite Italian restaurant has secured planners’ approval to remain open when the state Department of Transportation takes a third of the parking lot to build a traffic roundabout at the intersection of Route 222 and Long Lane.

A proposed new Mavis Discount Tire store in a giant parking lot on the south side of Kutztown Road in Ivy League Drive on Thursday won planners approval for waivers on town ordinances on minor issues like the rainwater system.

GDP Kutztown LLC first submitted plans for the store in November. It has since secured approval from the Municipal Zoning Hearings Board and Supervisors to dip the required 25 feet of property line and minimum lot width, and added a proposed loading area.

Township engineer Chris Falenke said the plan was now “in alignment,” and planners were looking at land development issues.

Mavis Tires is buying rather than renting the site, which was previously approved for “pillow” development at the freight center. Matt Landru, the developer’s architect, told planners that the building would be “very similar” to the Autozone store already on the plaza of the shopping center.

The developers did not have the embodiment of the architectural design of the store design, but showed a “typical” store – a rectangular building with a flat roof with a glass facade and six openings.

Mavis’ new tire stores an area of ​​7,000 square feet; Officials said this would be 400 square feet larger than Mavis’ Trexlertown store to have indoor tire storage, after board member Rob Reynolds said there were concerns about tire storage outside the store.

The rainwater design will connect it to the underground rainwater drainage system. The control of erosion, sewage, and the water supply system has not been finalized, Landru said, but is being coordinated.

Melwood, New York Discount Tire has more than 100 locations in Pennsylvania, including in Reading, West Lawn and Douglasville.

In other work Thursday, districts gave initial unanimous approval to plans for Valentino Restaurant, to reconfigure the parking lot at 15492 Kutztown Rd. (Route 222) outside of Kutztown.

The owners of the restaurant, who have worked on the site for more than 40 years, went before the District Hearing Board at the end of May, saying that being on the Route 222 breadth lane and roundabout would have left many unable to meet zoning requirements and the business unable to continue.

The work is expected to take 1.1 acres of the lot, about 35 parking spaces. Owner Giuliana “Tony” Foligno sought variances from township zoning ordinances regarding the use of permitted extensions, visibility at intersections, yard exclusions, off-street parking, landscaping and lighting and off-street parking lanes.

The restaurant has also changed a disabled parking spot in the corner of the building to meet the concerns of town law enforcement officer Chris Pugh.

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