San Diego food truck chef spends $2,000 on gas every month

High standard gas prices aren’t just affecting our Honda pacts.

Many American companies that depend on fuel to operate find themselves in the midst of rising costs.

Z’s Buddies Sushi food truck, based in San Diego, pays about $2,000 a month for gas to keep its business on the road, according to the chef.

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Food truck chef Hector Pellejo spoke to “Fox & Friends” on Monday and explained that not only are gas prices on the rise – but food prices are also becoming increasingly expensive.

Z’s Buddies food truck chef Hector Bellego joined “Fox and Friends” on Monday, June 20, 2022, to discuss rising gas and food prices. (Fox News)

Although Z’s Buddies isn’t currently profitable due to higher prices, Pliego said the sushi vendor has never raised their prices.

“I hope the price of gas and the cost of food will go down next year and that way we can make a little bit more profit,” he said.

Z's Buddies San Diego food truck

Customers wait in line at Z’s Buddies food truck in San Diego, California. (Facebook/ZsBuddies @)

The average cost of California gas is $6.39 per gallon right now.

Pliego revealed that the $200 he recently put in his gas tank will run his food truck for three days.


While higher costs are hitting businesses hard, Pliego hopes customers will continue to visit the van and try Z’s signature cuisine.

“We are trying to do everything we can for the people there,” he said.

“Perhaps someone will want to eat something different.”

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“That is why we try to get the same prices and make everyone happy,” he said.

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