Summer Fancy Food 2022: Huge success for Italian “Tomato Preserves” and “Blood Orange Juice” | News

revitalize your lifea new healthy fruit and vegetable initiative promoted by leading CSO Italy’s An Italian consortium of companies in the production and marketing of national fruits and vegetables, Supported by the European Union.

Cirio and Oranfrizer attended the event. The program also includes Apofruit Italia, Cico-Mazzoni, Lagnasco Group, Origine and Unacoa.

New YorkAnd the June 20 2022 /PRNewswire/ – “Fresh Up Your Life”, the fruit and vegetable project promoted by CSO Italy and awarded by the European Union returns to United States of America With a focus on sustainability, nutrition and a clear supply chain, he was at the Summer Fancy Food Fair in New York City.

Fresh Up Your Life is also supported by very important and creative Italian companies: Apofruit Italia, Cico-Mazzoni, Cirio, Lagnasco Group, Oranfrizer, Origine and Unacoa.

Leading Italian producers Cirio and Oranfrizer displayed their flagship products – canned tomatoes and blood orange juice – and many people tasted these wonderful perks during the fair.

“Francesco Cirio has been a pioneer in the sector and since 1856 our company has been proudly committed to perpetuating this legacy of quality, both in Italia and abroad,” says Massimo Gaspari, President of Cirio USA.

depends on Sicily Since 1962, and an integral part of the Unifrutti group, Oranfrizer is the leading Italian grower, distributor and manufacturer of citrus and 100 percent non-concentrated juices. At Summer Fancy Food 2002, blood oranges, blond oranges, tangerines, and pomegranates are grown and processed Italia will be displayed. “We will continue to enhance our Italian production in line with current international trends. We anticipate a growth in exports of fresh and pressed oranges, thanks to the European project, Fresh Up Your Life,” he said. in AlbaOranfrizer CEO. “We continue to focus on new markets with a special interest in the food service channel in United States of America

The goal of Fresh Up Your Life is to provide buyers, sellers and food lovers with nutritious fruits and vegetables at the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, the activities target two goals: B2C, especially millennials residing in it CaliforniaAnd the Florida And the New York and Western expatriates in The United Arab Emiratesand B2B, especially merchants in the two countries.

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