We give drenched coffee a try!

Good Day Rewind – 6/20Did you miss a funny moment during today’s show? If you did, you can find it here! It’s a good day to rewind!

We give drenched coffee a try!“Steped Coffee” offers an eco-friendly coffee solution without the need for machines! Ronald Skadina from Steeped Coffee joins Cody to tell us more while we make a few cups and give it a try!

Symptoms of monkeypoxUma Agpai, a dermatologist at the University of California, Davis, joins Tina to talk about the various skin symptoms of viral monkeypox.

Sidebar with Del Rio & CarawayCheck out the sidebar today.

Statue commemorating Joan Didion arriving in SacramentoThe Sacramento Historical Society commissioned a life-size statue to sit in the Sacramento Room of the Central Library.

Report: Stockton Unified School District headed for financial collapseThe new report claims that the district has been mismanaging funds and projects a budget shortfall of $30 million by the 2024-2025 school year.

Jury selection delayed in Kristen Smart Murder trialJury selection in the case is now scheduled to begin on June 27.

Teen Melody – 6/20Tina is here with a tune on Monday for Teens! Just random stuff from her playlist today, play with us!

Golf Summit for HDDina Kupffer is in Roseville at Top Golf working to spread awareness of Huntington’s disease. See how you can help a good cause while playing!

“dribbling test”Last week’s answer to Courtney’s Trivia Toast became an on-air field test! Deception can be defined as “feeling uncomfortable when putting on new underwear.” So John got some new underwear over the weekend, didn’t wash them before he wore them (gross), and now he’s testing the lightness of his new drawers. Enjoy!

Safe swimming in the waterDo you have children who love learning to swim? Laurie Wallace is at Lodi at Water Safe Swim and she shows us the importance of knowing how to swim for toddlers and children. Watch how you can get your little one in the pool and learn the basics of swimming.

NorCal Fly Fishing GuidesA team of local fishing guides looks forward to making your adventure on the water an unforgettable experience! Molly Riehl is getting some lessons this morning!

A better world to save animalsA local organization helps shelter pets find their way into loving homes. Natasha Perez of Better World Animal Rescue joins Tina to tell us more, and introduce us to one of the dogs she has for adoption!

wiki who? – 6/20John is here with another version of Wiki Who? Brings us trivia from the Wikipedia pages of celebrities! Today’s subjects all have June 20 birthdays, and they are Lionel Richie, Nicole Kidman, and John Goodman! Play with us!

chicken farming lessonsTime to cite EGG because a local chicken consultant offers some tips and tricks about raising chickens in your own backyard! Laurie Wallace at Lodi to find out more!

Thousands of flights canceled and delayed across the countryAirlines say the cancellations are caused by a shortage of workers, bad weather and increased summer travel.

Sacramento police search for gunman after downtown shootingWhile police found no evidence that anyone was injured, the shooting forced businesses in the area to close.

chicken keeping lessonsInstead of buying eggs, you can grow your own! See how here!

Fly fishing guidesAre you looking to learn how to fly fish? Molly Riehl is in Marysville and she’s on the river learning how to fly fish! I see you too can learn this fun sport while having fun outside!

Your product, man!Michael Marks helps you get some last-minute Father’s Day produce at the Certified Farmers Market at the Arden Fair Mall.

Father’s Day echo and tamperEcho & Rig serves a special Father’s Day brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and dinner from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The Botanical Lady, 10a – 6/19Marlene The Plant Lady has the power to help you fix all your plants problems!

Connect with your childrenAuthor, speaker and general coach Clint Arthur talks about his book “Daddy Loves You” to connect with his daughter on the nights he couldn’t read her a bedtime story. He also says there are other ways to keep in touch with your kids.

Lavender Blue Festival, 10 aBluestone Meadow brings together vendors from all over Apple Hill for lavender-related activities and food and beverage.

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