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Summer is great, but it makes us panic. It’s a favorite culinary paradox: There are so many great seasonal ingredients to cook with. While our kitchens are bursting with tomatoes, berries, watermelons, and zucchini—one way or another, always plenty of zucchini—we understand whether we’re going to grill this or fry that, whether to turn that bushel of zucchini into a salad or soup. Fortunately, there are no wrong answers, as our most popular summer recipes appear. So shoot, line up your summer playlist, and don’t think too much about it. Just get cooking.

Photo by Matt Taylor Gross

Crispy under the grill instead of on the stove, these mess-free Filipino-inspired chicken wings are crunchy and sticky at the same time — and exceptionally delicious. Get the recipe>

sweet corn pakoras
Photography by Bill Maurizio

Chickpea flour acts as a salty binder in these Indian corn pancakes that pair nicely with a mint-cilantro chutney. Get the recipe>

Okroshka, a chilled Russian soup
Simon Bagada’s photo

The perfect summer Russian okroshka soup, refreshing and fresh with heaps of shredded herbs. Shredded horseradish and spicy mustard make it unpleasant. Get the recipe>

Spanish tomato soup gazpacho andaluz
Photography by Bill Maurizio

There are as many versions of gazpacho as there are apuelas in Spain, but this creamy, tomato-based Andalusian rendition is most popular for a reason. Get the recipe>

Paneer Darts Kebab
Photography by Thomas Payne

Not grilled cheese. They were talking grilled cheese– Marinated skewers grilled on charcoal and marinated with the aroma of cumin, ginger, garlic and lemon. Get the recipe>

Tomatoes marinated with mint
Photography by Elizabeth Cecil

Cool off with this perfect salad that plays well alongside grilled meats and fish. Get the recipe>

Summer panzanella recipe on a white background
Photography by Bill Maurizio

Day-old country bread gets a second life in this garlic tomato salad topped with fresh shredded basil. Get the recipe>

Watermelon, feta and jalapeno salad
Photography by Bill Maurizio

Watermelon and feta salad gets a Southeast Asian twist in this refreshing appetizer or side-flavored with fish sauce, chili, and Thai basil. Get the recipe>

BBQ smoked ribs
Michael Turek’s photo

Barbecue artist Sean Brook has a grilling trick to share: Turn your grill into a smoker. This rib eye recipe will show you how. Get the recipe>

Shrimp satay recipe on red baskets
Photography by Bill Maurizio

Everything tastes better on a stick – especially the coconut marinated shrimp. Get the recipe>

Blackberry Plum Lattes Pie
Photography by Bill Maurizio

Going to the barbecue or summer flax with a gridded blueberry pie is a great culinary experience—trust us—almost any baker can pull it off, as this simple recipe proves. Get the recipe>

Don Quixote Red Sangria
Photo by Eric Medsker

Upgrade your picnic bite with this recipe from Manhattan’s most famous Spanish restaurant. Get the recipe>

Warm red potato salad
Photography by Laura Saint

Roasting potatoes adds a smoky flavor to this vinaigrette potato salad that can be doubled or tripled for a crowd. Get the recipe>

Southern sweet iced tea recipe
Photography by Bill Maurizio

This classic Southern Sweet Tea recipe comes to us from the founder of Southern Sweet Tea Sip-Off, so yes, you know it’s legit. Get the recipe>

Pasta alla Norma (pasta with tomato and eggplant sauce)
Photo by Matt Taylor Gross

What better way to use up a bumper crop of eggplant than to fry them if they’ve thawed and stirred in a bucatini? Get the recipe>

Photo by Maura McEvoy

All summer long, we’re layering this unscented version of the classic Haitian coleslaw on sandwiches and salads for extra crunch. Get the recipe>

Blueberry pancake recipes
Photography by Linda Polisi; food design by Kristen Albano; Prop design by Carla Gonzalez-Hart

Our favorite blueberry pie recipe includes seltzer for the fluff and yogurt for a tang. Get the recipe>

peach cobbler
Photography by Linda Polisi; food design by Kristen Albano; Prop design by Carla Gonzalez-Hart

Roasted Almond Streusel, Bubble Peach Filling, Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream – Peach cobbler is one of the coolest summer treats. Get the recipe>

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