Burger King Japan is selling this unique side amid a shortage of fries – don’t eat this

Burgers are combined with fries like peanut butter, jelly, macaroni, cheese, milk and biscuits. But due to the constant shortage of potatoes, Burger King Japan has had to make a modification to one of its most classic food combinations.

according to CBS NewsBurger King, which operates more than 150 restaurants in Japan, asks customers to substitute their fries for another salty side: crispy ramen noodles. The fast-food chain calls the modified meal the “Sorta Potato,” and it includes a burger, a drink, and a bag of Baby Star Dodekai ramen — a dried ramen noodle snack popular in Japan.

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Before landing on crunchy ramen noodles as an alternative side, Burger King Japan also considered serving poached ramen, grilled squid, and apple pie. While the series said CBS News that her “unusual offerings” earned her loyal customers, Not everyone Glad to replace the last side.

“If Burger King only had crunchy ramen, I would probably go to McDonald’s,” one customer told the news outlet.

Burger King isn’t the only fast food chain that has had to address its potato shortage.

Back in December, McDonald’s Japan announced that it would only serve small-sized French fries, due to supply chain issues and at scale. Flooding in the port of Vancouver, which The chain is used for potato imports.

In addition, at the end of April, KFC Singapore announced that it would temporarily suspend the sale of French fries amid a global potato shortage. Alternatively, the famous fried chicken chain used to sell fries Wedges are available in three types: plain, cream cheese, and golden cheddar.

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