Evil Base: Diamond Timber development grant; City negotiations on affordable housing “in lieu of fees”; A glimpse into food technology in Emeryville

Three Emeryville-related business stories from around the interwebz have been compiled in our June issue of E’ville Biz.

The City of Emeryville is considering including the use of “Mass Timber,” which is said to be a “more sustainable” building product, to be included in its list of community benefits developers can provide in exchange for additional building height.

There may be a heated battle between the city and the Oxford estates over plans to Elimination of the housing component from the current market project. The developer has offered to pay a “replacement” fee of $17 million for the 18 affordable units they have committed to providing. The city is looking forward to more negotiation. Oxford is also showing the construction of a 5,174-square-foot “pavilion” near the Amtrak Bridge that will provide bike parking and retail space (shown in the featured image above).

Emeryville Upside Foods Companies Limitless food Among the few food technology companies described by the SF Business Times for their ambitious manufacturing plans. Upside down First appeared based “EPIC” This past November, Finless is working on an 11,000-square-foot pilot plant, headquarters, and research and development facility on 53rd Street.

Emeryville wants to make a deal with the developers: use the “wood block”, you get extra density

Written by Sarah Klerman

Developers who have abandoned steel or concrete in favor of mass timber may soon find themselves able to build taller, denser buildings in Emeryville.

The City of East Bay is considering adding the use of collective timber, a wood-based product that is said to be a more sustainable building product, to the list of societal benefits that developers can provide in exchange for extra density.

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Changing plans at Emeryville’s Public Market can be costly for the developer

Written by Sarah Klerman

Oxford Real Estate has offered to pay Emeryville $17 million to build a lab space in place of an affordable 18-unit apartment complex on the public market. Now the city is back with a counter offer: $20 million.

The draft proposal, which will appear before City Council for a study session next week, will need council approval as well as a purchase from Toronto-based Oxford and partner City Center Realty Partners. The developers did not respond to a request for comment.

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Meat growing companies in the Gulf region are launching a construction boom

By Alex Barrera

Construction crews gather in the parking lot of Unicorn’s food tech headquarters in Alameda, and begin a massive project like never before: a 40,000-square-foot pilot plant that will be able to ferment tens of thousands of pounds of cells — we get chicken and beef from reactors Vital when construction is completed in the fourth quarter.

But Eat Just CEO Josh Tetrick is already thinking bigger. Even before the pilot plant is delivered, he is making plans for a 200,000-square-foot facility – an unspecified site – to produce £30m a year.

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