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Forward Craft & Coffee, a new beer and coffee bar at 2166 Atwood Ave. , celebrated its opening on June 13th, and it was serving customers. The official opening is Monday, June 20th.

Co-owner Dan Bodell considers beer and coffee to be closely related; Both making beer and roasting coffee are complex skills that can lead to a range of flavours. In Forward, he aspires to marry the two in one bar.

Although his previous career was in web development, he felt ready to expand. “I wanted to move on, and there was no pun intent,” Boddle says, “beer and coffee were something I was really excited about.”

In January 2020, Poodle reached out to Chad Walhod about his idea for a beer café/bar and asked him to be co-owner. Walhood, the account manager for Audacy, a broadcasting company, was looking for an opportunity to work for himself. The third partner is Melissa Moss, who is another Poodle friend from college, and takes care of the finances.

Trevor Wilkinson, Podell’s childhood friend, is the taproom manager. Wilkinson has 16 years of experience working in restaurants and behind bars.

Forward Barriques occupies the former Atwood, which closed in 2021. The interior has been updated with new paint and lighting fixtures, although Forward has retained an old café, and Barriques has donated its tables and chairs from the original café.

Forward Craft & Coffee supplies its coffee from Brewhaha, a Spring Green roaster led by a team of school teachers, band managers and coaches. Walhood comes from a family with a long history of teachers, which led them to choose Brewhaha.

The bar has 24 tap lines, four of which will be reserved for cold nitro coffee served by Pilcrow Coffee outside of Milwaukee. Pilcrow offers a range of artisanal cold brews with flavor and cream, in a single pour spout. Many Pilcrow coffee drinks use oat milk, which makes them vegan and gluten-free. Forward will be in its alternation (when you tap and navigate) the regular Pilcrow Cold Nitro, Sweet ‘n’ Creamy, Vanilla Creamy and Almond Cookie Creamy. All use oat milk.

Forward will also sell some bakery items, specialty cheese boards, charcuterie boards, and appetizer skewers — lighter, less expensive snacks. The focus is supposed to be on beer and coffee.

Ultimately, Podell may offer some beer-specific cocktails and cocktails; It is also possible to incorporate coffee into cocktails.

The Forward staff wants to make sure that both the craft beer and the craft coffee are friendly to all of the bar’s customers. Walhood hopes Forward Craft & Coffee will find its niche in the Atwood neighborhood through its product as well as its dedication to the community. Podell says he and Walhood hope Forward Craft & Coffee “will become a staple in the Atwood neighborhood and Madison as a whole.”

Note, although June 20 is the grand opening, Forward is only open until noon on Monday.

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