health! Guinness can be good for you

Research from the University of Wisconsin has suggested that there may be a medical reason behind the so-called “luck of the Irish,” which is linked to the nation’s favorite drink.

The paper, originally published in 2003, reappeared last week on a news site meanwhile in Ireland with an article praising the benefits of the Emerald Isle brew. Professor John Foltz’s findings seem to support the old advertising slogan used in the brewery industry: “Guinness is good for you”.

Among the findings of the research paper was revealing that a pint of substantia nigra can reduce the likelihood of developing blood clots, even though the subjects tested were not humans, but dogs with narrowed arteries. Stout has been found to significantly reduce clotting activity, unlike beer.

He hypothesized that the secret lies in Guinness’s antioxidant compounds, similar to those found in red wine. This special class of compounds, flavonoids, is also found in tea and dark chocolate.

Folts suggested the optimal dose is 24 fluid ounces, which is just over 20 fluid ounces making up a pint. It is claimed that this is as effective as aspirin in reducing the risk of blood clots. Ordering a pint and a half of Guinness can be one way to prevent a medical condition. However, research shows that in Ireland, alcohol consumption has decreased significantly in recent years, with price changes cited as a major factor.

European Commission data shows that Ireland has one of the lowest mortality rates from circulatory diseases in Europe (277.9 in 2018 per 100,000 inhabitants). But it should be noted that there is no definitive link between this information and what people drink.

Diageo has not made any claims regarding any potential health benefits that it may have to Guinness.

The results are consistent with previous reported results Beverage tradeRegular and moderate alcohol consumption can bring many cardiovascular health benefits.

There is also a possibility that, like red wine, consumption of Guinness may also lead to clear skin, although there is no definitive research on this topic.

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