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ROCHESTER – Looking to be a bit more badass in your morning routine every day? Rochester’s newest coffee shop has just that.

Bad Ass Coffee opened at the beginning of June and is owned by Rochester residents Lori and Todd Heins and their business partner and friend Tobin Emrich.

Heins and Emrich met through their love of horses as their children had participated in horse shows together when the children were younger. Now with their kids in an older age, Haines and Emrich were looking to put in more time by opening a business, Laurie Hines said.

“We wanted something that looked stable, and Tobin really liked the idea of ​​opening a coffee shop. Through the COVID and 2008 financial crash, it seemed in both cases that coffee was one of the businesses that had always thrived. When we saw the Bad Ass name and logo, it spoke to us all,” Heins said. Really, and we felt like it was a privilege to open up about.”

Bad Ass Coffee has been around since 1989 and is based out of the “Big Island” of Hawaii. The company didn’t become a franchise until 1996 when they opened their first store in the continental United States in Salt Lake City, Utah. The latest addition to the Bad Ass franchise is the Rochester location, which happens to be the company’s first location in the Midwest.

Chris Roskowski, senior vice president of marketing at Bad Ass, said the company is excited about its Rochester location and sees it as an opportunity for the brand to grow on an international scale.

“It’s one of those brand names that are recognizable and memorable. Our first and foremost commitment to the community, and having Rochester owners helps show that we’re here to be a part of it. We also see Rochester as a place where a lot of people get in and out and spread awareness” Roskowski said.

The Bad Ass name has been attracting attention from customers and property alike. Once Heins and Emrich heard the story behind the company’s name and logo, a donkey, it helped seal the deal when the franchise opened in Rochester.

People have dinner on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at Bad Ass Coffee in Rochester, Minnesota.

Traci Westcott / Post Bulletin

Ruszkowski shared the same story about how Bad Ass Coffee got its name, and how the slang relates to donkeys and not another version of the slang term.

Coffee is often harvested in the higher elevations and in Hawaii, especially in Kona. Donkeys have long been used to help carry crops up and down the mountains. “The farmers our company described as having bad donkeys in a positive light showed their endurance every working day carrying the same amount of coffee,” Roskowski said. And in our name we want to do the same to honor bad ass customers who work hard day in and day out.”

When it comes to the coffee customers can get from Bad Ass, the vast majority are 100% Hawaiian beans with other beans imported from countries like Colombia and Brazil. Heins talked about what goes into some of her signature blends as well as the favorite drinks she’s recommending to new customers.

bad ass coffee
Beach Bonfire is seen on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at Bad Ass Coffee in Rochester, Minnesota.

Traci Westcott / Post Bulletin

“We also sell premium blends, which are not Hawaiian, but still handpicked and roasted to give a unique, non-bitter, light flavour,” Hines said. “Our new limited-time offer is Beach Fire through September. It’s very tasty and has macadamia nuts, toasted marshmallows, and chocolate.”

Bad Ass’s grand opening in partnership with the Paws and Claws Humane Society of Rochester was hailed this past weekend as 10% of sales went to the animal shelter, and few puppies were up for adoption in Bad Ass. Haynes said families adopted Groen on the morning of the first day of the grand opening last Friday, June 17, 2022.

Heins expects Bad Ass to have more partnerships with nonprofit community shelters and animal shelters in the future. For now, Heins hopes to continue to grow the name and brand recognition for the company this coming summer.

Bad Ass Coffee is located off US Highway 14 and Marion Road in southeast Rochester, across from Cub Foods and Planet Fitness. The store is open from 5:30 AM to 7:30 PM daily, and a drive-thru service is available for anyone in a hurry.

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